Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calling all bloggers!!!
Yes, it's me.....Miss "I've been so busy I haven't blogged in months".

Along with my new HUSBAND and lifestyle I've acquired a new COMPUTER ! ( yeah, it was long over due.)
I'm amongst the many who are more then saddened over the death of PICNIK for editing our photos. Before i launch into another program for editing...I as wondering what my blogger friends are doing about that.
I have photoshop ....just haven't applied it yet....or spent the hours learning it...(maybe this winter when we're SNOWED IN....but for NOW, what are you all using????
My enquiring mind wants to know!

Please leave me your TIP of the day concerning this....
Google offers lots of free sites....but I need to know what my Girlfriends are thinking...guys too... if your out there.

Thanks a BUNCH,
Kathy and the Chef.


  1. I really like Picmonkey Kathy does the same as picnic only easier for me to work..Welcome back my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. How funny, Kathy. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondered how you were doing. I, who know nothing about photo editing, etc., have found that I have been able to navigate Picmonkey easily. Good luck and how nice to see you back- xo Diana

  3. Welcome back! I'm a lurker who has missed your posts.

    PicMonkey is easy to use and bears many similarities to Picnik. However, through another blogger I heard about Ribbet.com and I love it because it's basically Picnik with a new name. In fact, I heard it was started by former Picnik employees. Try it. I'm sure you'll like it and feel right at home using it. :)

  4. Heeee hello darling !!! finally !!....i miss you.....don't stay away that long anymore....!!...hahahhaha...love from Holland......xxx...

  5. Ribbet is almost identical..and Picmonkey is good too.
    Bonjour ma belle!

  6. I knew you girls would know!!!!!
    Saves me oodles of time trying to figure this out on my own!
    I told the Chef..."I'm hanging with some smart ones"...these blogger friends of mine!
    Love to you all

  7. Kathy - so good to hear from you! I was thinking about you yesterday and was hoping that you were happy and just so busy with your new life and hubby you didn't have time to blog. I'm been blogging from my iPhone quite a bit lately. And I have loaded several photo apps that I just love. I edit my photos I take with my iPhone in my camera roll...just simple stuff like chopping. But I love to use A+ Signature app to add my watermark on my photos. Currently I have about ten photos apps for editing that I still need to practice using. I should do a post about them. Well, have to go. Hubby is calling to pack our travel van for our trip tomorrow. Love you!

  8. You might give Photoscape a try...I like that one a lot....
    I wanted to tell my darling passed away on August 1 , I've thought of what you said about your first husbands passing. When you said "God showed Up" you were so excited. I'd love to hear your testimony about that. I' m still lost as a goose..Just trying to figure out where I go from here...
    Man, I been missing you...

  9. We knew you'd be back!
    I have used Picasa for years. It might not be the best ~ but it is easy as pie! (and free) I've never had a problem.

  10. There you are! Welcome back to blogland. I have been using picmonkey and like it just fine.


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