Sunday, November 4, 2012


I want to travel to paris...the city of light.
 and take my camera...for remembering...
 and wear pretty things while there...
and forget about time...
 it's # 1...on my bucket list.
soon, I hope.
what's numero uno on your list?
xo, Kathy.


  1. I hope your dream comes true, Kathy. Gosh, I've never made a Bucket List, maybe I'm living it already!


  2. Great way to look at life Jane...
    We are all living our dreams hopefully!
    Sunday smiles, Kathy

  3. Wonderful dream Kathy, and you should make it come true! At the moment, my bucket list has several items on it and they all have to do with decorating. Sounds typical doesn't it? I have a vintage library stack that I want to paint. Then there is this thrift shop chest of drawers I want to paint and use as a place to store vintage linens. As I am writing this, my bucket list sounds a bit dull don't you think? Can I come to Paris with you???

    Susan and Bentley

  4. Once you go to Paris you will forever be transformed...blissfully wonderfully magically. It is truly something you should do. I do not have a bucket list, however I have things I am planning and will do that make me happy. Mr. C has a bucket list and we are fulfilling as many as he comes up with. His number one right now is attending the "Goodwood Festival of Speed" annual event. Blessings...

  5. Kathy, My granddaughter, who's 8 and I talk about going to Paris....I told her I need to go soon, so start working on daddy.:):) She may have to make a flat Susie to take along, when she goes. Hope you get to cross Paris off your bucket list. Smiles to you,Susie

  6. Oh- Can I fold myself up and slip into your suitcase? I will gladly pay the "overweight" luggage charge! xo Diana

  7. Well, we are going outside my comfort zone and flying across the pond to England, Wales and Scotland next spring. Friends of ours asked if we would like to do a tour with them and we are so glad because it will be lots of fun! I'm sure you will get to Paris one day too Kathy. I would love to see Paris and Italy too.

  8. Oh yes Paris is so so so beautiful....i was their more than Ria,,,xxx,,

  9. England, and castles and green rolling hills. Flea markets (maybe a side trip to Paris?) and a stop in Ireland and Scotland to boot:>)

  10. I was just talking to a friend last night on where we would like to travel to. Paris was brought up by me. So many places to go to and see. I hope you get there one day Kathy! ~Hugs, Patti


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