Tuesday, January 29, 2013


today was the day to try my hand at these sweet Handheld Pies...was drawn into purchasing the book purely on it's CUTE factor...
I was not disappointed...

 The Chef ate two....a thumbs up.

These had an apple filling...but oh! so any others to try!!!
and....perfect for Valentins Day!
Have a sweet one...Kathy and the Chef.


  1. Glad to see you here today, Kathy. I have missed you. Love those sweet little hand pies. They look just delicious...a chef and a baker- can't get much better than that! xo Diana

  2. I would most likely want to eat my way through the book. Hand pies are even sweeter with your chef and my wonderful hubby ;o)

  3. I can totally understand why you had to get that book and your pies look like they turned out great!

    Have a lovely week! xo

  4. They are so cute and I bet they are simply delicious. I would be gotten drawn in by the looks of he book too. Can't wait to se what else you make

  5. My heart couldn't take it either way.
    Do I not get the book and miss out on some truly delicious hand-held pies, or buy the book and make and eat everything from it. What to do?... :)


  6. Hand Pies are also great using savory ingredients.
    Christine Granning

    1. Christine!!!!!
      Wow! Great to see the relatives stop by on the blog!!!!
      Hope your all well and enjoying all this snow and COLD weather.
      YES! Us Norshkies love the savory pies too!

  7. Hello Kath,

    TY for the Valentine idea. I am doing a tablescaping and this will be the highlight §:-)

    Hope to see you arond.

    Greetings from frozen Stockholm City,
    /CC girl

  8. Hi Kathy-- the cuteness factor of that book is huge--- but the pies are even cuter!! What a perfect little treat!!
    Hugs to you and your chef!


  9. I love buying cookbooks simply for the photographs. Having the recipes turn out as good as they look is an added plus! Your pies made my mouth water. :-) yummers....

  10. My mouth is watering... but it's 12:16 a.m. I should be in bed not dreaming of hand pies!

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,


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