Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I came across these "Purple plates at Marshalls...for $1.00 ea. I have nothing I bought them to challenge myself. One thing lead to another as I pulled from other pieces I had and well....Here You have it!...I actually love it, what do you think?

Green, white, and purple....with a splash of Yellow...I never would have dreamed!!!!


  1. It's perfect. I would have never had the courage to buy purple dishes!

  2. The purple and green look GREAT, Crawford! I've never known you to have a "non-beautiful" idea! I'm also starting to get jelous of your wonderful garage/junk sale finds. It's time to have a Sabine Day. Love you bunches, Kathy, and keep on Creating!!

  3. I like it too! Yellow and purple are opposite on the color wheel, and it works perfectly.


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