Monday, April 4, 2011

The car came with a singel exhaust...and very little NOISE.... so NOT cool. The boys changed up the back to handle their custom dual exhaust.

All we need is a little nice weather!...

You'll definately HEAR me coming!!!!!

Va-R O O M........

Thanks "Sweet Thunder" guys got it goin on!



  1. Oh my dear, sweet, Kathy. You always surprise me my friend! Enjoy your pretty blue Mustang:>) With the top down,it's the perfect car for spring!

  2. Too cool Kathy! My hubby and I got such a kick out of seeing your new toy! Beautiful! Go get'em!
    ~Hugs, Patti

  3. What a neat, cool car Kathy! And I love the color and the pipes!

  4. Woo hoo! :) I like your kind of therapy.

  5. I GET IT! You just make that baby growl, sweetie...and I'll betcha the ol' boy is looking down and smiling like crazy! xxoo Diana

  6. Hi Kathy,
    I can just see you driving this sweet mustang.
    It's got your name on it for sure. I love your license plate too.


  7. I'm so jealous~just feeling very happy for you as you pound the pavement with your cool new pipes beneath your awesome blueness. VaVaRoom yea

  8. Kathy my friend . . you never cease to amaze me. Love the car! Smilin for ya!

  9. They can make mine cherry red with a rocking top the color of old paper...Otherwise, I love it and I like seeing you so happy...
    I have missed you...
    love, glenda

  10. ALL RIGHT!!
    Been waiting to see the new baby!! It's you, sister! Love the license plate! I'm proud of you for seeing to your needs and choosing a "positive" Let those pipes roar! Love it and you. So happy for you!

  11. Well girlfriend- my jaw just dropped! You are somethin' else!! Good for you. If this isn't therapy- nothin' is! Love that beautiful blue color! Think you need to post a little video recording so we can all here the vroom! Only thing missing is a picture of you behind the wheel- that better be next! You are going to be the envy of everybody in your neighborhood! Enjoy!!!!

  12. Ps- love love love the license plate!!

  13. OH YEAH! I totally "get it"! Your new top down Mustang is just beautiful. You will enjoy it so much. I never own anything that has stock exhaust on it. Luckily Mr. C is completely "in tune" and always designs and executes my exhaust I want. I not only want to hear it...I want to feel it through my body! YOU GO GIRL and enjoy every mile of your thunder...

  14. Hey I have a blue Mustang too!!!

  15. Kathy dear, you are a girl after my heart!
    My first car was a mustang, cream colored manual everything! Boy did I need muscles to drive that baby!
    I am and always will be a mustang lover!
    I'd love to find an oldie in cherry red :-)

    I am so happy for you and I know hubby is too!

    Luvs ya, Dolly

  16. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww Kathy !! what a suprise !!...and that color......!!....go for it girl !! hair in the wind and go !!....enjoy....good therapie for love love

  17. Too cool! So thrilled pour toi..
    You will be letting your hair blow in the wind..soaking up sunshine with your fave music playing..

    Good for you.Summer is right around the corner!


  18. It looks like great fun. My first car was a 1968 aqua Mustang. I loved that thing. Haven't thought of getting a Mustang since. Hmmm...

  19. Awesome!!! My mom's first car was a mustang and all the time she's talking about wanting another one. Maybe next time she's in town I'll call you up and we can give the old lady a ride eh? :)


  20. Oh My, you are always full of surprises... here you are all girlie, with all your pink & then you come out & talk car stuff... : ) This is one blog I will have to show husband.. he will get a kick out of it, He is a car guy.
    That is one GREAT car!!!!
    Glad to see you back.... I have been gone & just doing some catch up blog reading... prayed for you earlier & here you are...trusting that you are well. :)

  21. That is one sweet car, Kathy! Crank up the radio and take a nice long ride....
    ♥ the license plate. xo Sue

  22. I adore Mustangs. I haven't had one in years..but I love them.

  23. I am singing after reading this...
    ♪Mustang Kathy♪
    You go girl!

  24. You go girl!!! Your mustang is beautiful and look at those pipes ~ wow!!! Okay, now you have convinced me ~ my David has been nudging me to give my Chili Pepper Red Jeep Wrangler a deep sound. I've already added the big bad off-road tires with a small lift kit so I can go off-roading (which I never do). Now after I see that our shabby chic girl has the guts to do it to your Stang, maybe I should add some noise to mine too. Have lots of fun Kathy!!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  25. My husbands jaw is dropping!!!!! He told me to go get one loud mustang too cause he has his loud Harley. Have fun with it and thanks for following my blog.

  26. Nice! I love your spirit!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    Have a happy Easter!

  27. OMYGOSH, Kathy..the one thing on my Bucket List is to own a little red would be perfect, too. I am too old to do it I am thrilled that you get it. And, I wanna hear noise, too. During my dating days..waaaaay back when, all our cars were loud. Loved it it now.:))

  28. Oh my God, you mad freak! That's brilliant! That's actually really cool Thanks. Car Exhausts


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