Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet my NEW Bestfriends...

Let me introduce you to the guys at "Sweet Thunder"... Ridiculously talented and eager to transform any wimpy sounding car into the bad boy it was intended to be!!!!! Hit their web site and learn all about can even HEAR some of their work on the site! (the best part!) Resently flew to Virginia Beach to drive back this amazing story in itself which I'll save for a later date. This is what you do when the" Love of your life" checks into "Hotel Heaven"before you do... Let's just call this my "Therapy"... I'm a car surprise, (more of a truck girl really) but when I laid my eyes on this baby I new Dave was nudging me to it. Same "Grabber Blue" color Ford used in the 70's and stopped until 2010. Now their back again! This is the color of Daves first car he picked me up in on our first date...back in the dark ages...It was a no-brainer for me....I bought her. On the drive home from Virginia I told my son the next step was to put a dual exhaust in this baby cause......well, no use explaining either get it or you don't. I needed to feel the car. AND HEAR IT! Meet my new PIPES!
Yeah! That's what I'm talkin bout!

Pipes!!!!!!! Custom built to fit the Mustang....What an exhaust system!

They did the most amazing job....and you should see this SHOP!

Hands down the most immaculate place I've ever been in.

I brought the Stang in on Wednesday and 48 hours later I'm riding down the road with the sweetest sounding thunder under my hood!

Not only are they top notch good ...but fast.