Thursday, July 7, 2011

Create like a child...

Children have no problem creating...

they jump right in...

and just do it...not caring what anyone thinks...
little hands with big ideas...

So ...why can't I draw on my NEWLY painted pink walls...

With Magic Markers...

now that takes some creative license...

and a little nudging from creative little people.

The wall coming out of the "PINK DINING ROOM"...

now THAT was fun!

Go ahead....

you know you want to.

Wall by Kathy!!!!!!


  1. Well, That is very pretty & very Brave... : )
    You go, Girl!!!

  2. Now that's creativty at it's best! Love it Kathy!

  3. cute..this will be the cutest ..on the net today:)

  4. It looks really cute Kathy, but I have to tell you, even with Kilz, permanent marker is a bear to paint over. We painted the teen room at church, the kids figured the walls were getting painted, why not have a little fun? Oh my, the coats of (dark!) paint that we had to lay on until it stopped bleeding through. If I were going to do this I might try it with a paint marker instead, and even then I would experiment on a board to see how hard it was to cover.

  5. Thanks Kathleen...I was worned ahead of time.
    True to my nature though...I just cast it to the wind!!!!
    I'll think about it tomorrow Scarlet!

    I know...I'm a loon!
    Happy day ya'll,

  6. What fun Kathy ! It's your wall ,do what you want!

  7. You go girl!! Now splash on some pretty colors!!


  8. Hi Kathy,
    What a lovely and fun idea. Love your post. If we could just keep that childlike attitude forever, life would be so much better for everyone.


  9. Hi Kathy! Thanks so much for visiting me and becoming my 100th follower! I can't believe I've hit 100 already. I love your blog and your soft pastel colour palette. And I love that you are brave enough to draw black marker flowers on your wall - very beautifully I might add! Have a great weekend. I'll be following you too. Blessings, Pamela

  10. It's too bad so many people lose that creative abandon. Your wall looks great! Lots of pretty pink happening UP NORTH! Michigan is so beautiful.

  11. Kathy- that's the cutest darn thing I ever saw!! ( I did something like that when I was 4 and I got a whipping for it)!!! You are amazing!!


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