Thursday, January 12, 2012

The FUN Factor...

We've been doing a lot of baking lately ...everyone has something they want to try.
a few of my Christmas "Carb-queens..."...

Start them early!!!!....Granson Garrett's school project ...with a little help from his Dad.

A morning without the Chef's scones....well....might as well just go back to bed.

One of the greatest transformations involving old bananas...should I just throw these bananas out, bananas.


Get out your apron and whip up a "Killer" loaf of Banana Nut Bread.

This loaf went to our friends....was toasted for breakfast ....lots of butter, coffee, laughter.

Yeah, I know......go make one.

Bake it up baby now, bake it up baby!

twist and shout, twist and shout,

come on, come on , come on, come on baby now, come on baby....

come on and BAKE it on la- la.

Hugs, Kathy.


  1. Your happiness is bouncing right off my laptop! I am so happy for you. First, LOVE banana bread!! Let's just say that. My Mom use to use the blackest of banana's....that's the flavor. Now I do the same. Matter of fact, with the snow we got last night, I may do some baking today. Biscotti sounds good! Although, those scones you show sure look delish. Are they made with Michigan dried cherries by chance? YUM! Also, had we had a boy...we have 3 beautiful girls...we would have named him Garret. I always get a bit melancholy when I see that name. Great name! Have a fun filled day!

  2. I agree your happiness is just humbling.
    You kept saying have Faith..have faith...:)

    Faith brought you together and fate:) You cracked me up(not an egg joke) with no scones?Might as well go back to be..

    You are living la belle vie Mmme.
    The gingerbread house is so cute too..Congratulate them:)

  3. I so enjoyed this post. I enjoy baking, absolutely LOVE eating (not a good thing:( ) I toss bananas out all the time. I have to find some good "clean" recipes, I guess. Or learn portion control (don't know if I can do it).............sigh. Those scones look melt-in-your mouth delish! xo

  4. I keep throwing those over ripe bananas in my frig. One of these days I've got to do something with them

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you...

  6. I'm thinking you guys could bake the scones- wrap them up and put them in the mail to me--- they would still be fresh! I covet those scones--- I'm just sayin--
    Love you-


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