Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anne?...is that you????

This is how it went down.....
Sitting in the CHICAGO Sheds Aquarium on a class trip with my Grandaughter Noelle...
I look up and see this white hair on this gal and think...
the only person besides myself with this hair is Anne Burrell from HGTV's "Chopped".
Looking harder...starting to follow in a causual but NOT STALKING manner...Ha!
I saunter up to her and say..."Anne, Is that you?"
Anne says..."Oh!,(slightly startled)... You have my hair!"
I say..."No!...You have MY HAIR"...we laugh and she graciously lets my daughter take our picture.
Now how exciting was that!!!!!
especially for all you foodies out there!
She was delightful and fun ....
Thanks Anne for being such a good sport.
Just another day in the life~
hoping some her devine cooking skills rub off on me....


  1. Kathy,
    What sweet luck to run into Anne!! I love her cooking style.
    Thanks for sharing and great picture of you both!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. What a great treat, running into Anne. I love her show, she has such a wonderful personality! And yes, you have the same hair, very pretty!


  3. What a cute picture. I like Anne too. Must have been a fun experience.

  4. I LOVE IT! You both look amazing and totally BEAUTIFUL!


  5. Kathy, how fun! I love watching her...she's feisty...and I love feisty gals....especially with feisty hairdo's...

  6. Lucky you! Ann Burrel, wow! She looks like a fenomenal person and you look like her daughter! Her show is great, very nice post, congrats.

  7. Oh my gosh, how exciting!!! I love watching her show, always makes my tummy growl!

  8. How cool is that...and I love her on TV.

  9. What a nice picture.....Kathy...you looking so good!!!...fantastic !!...love Ria...xxx...

  10. TWINS~!!!! I love it! You look wonderful! xxoo Diana

  11. You both look so great..I love your hair:)What a fun thing:)

  12. How cool is that!!!! Happy week to ya! Xoxoxo 1942charm.blogspot.com

  13. Woohoo!!! What a treat and what a treasure that picture is! Girl, your obviously soul mates!!!

    God bless ya from the happy hills and hollers fo the Missouri Ponderosa! :o)

  14. Anne always seems like such a hoot on tv! How fun to have gotten your pic taken with her. Lovin' the hair- I like your less wild hairdo! She sometimes looks as if she stuck her finger in an electric wall socket! LOL

  15. LOL! I LOVE that you said to HER: "YOU have MY hair!!" Good for you! ;)
    Nice photo of the two of you, she's a nice person I think. Nice memento for you to have from meeting her.

  16. That is awesome! You may have her hair... but you carry it so much better :-)

  17. Dearest Kathy.
    I've been absent from BUBBLIN' OVER for some time now. You came and said bonjour the other day, not knowing that I'm the same Claudie from before, or maybe you did and just forgot.
    I followed your beautiful blog for sometime because we were sister's in a way. Our love of pastels, all things French (I see your trying your hand at it) and family is what drew me to you. When Dave got sick I felt sick. I didn't have the heart to keep on following, because I knew the outcome wasn't going to be what I had wished for.
    I'm so so so sorry that you lost Dave. Your pictures of him with you and your grands and children are absolute treasures.
    You are a very strong lady. I'm not sure I could get out of bed if something ever happened to Randy. We just celebrated our 23rd Anniversary.
    I'm having a hard time writing this to you, for no words can heal your pain.
    I did enjoy catching up on all your prettiness in and around your home.
    I will follow you now that I'm a blogger girl. Couldn't do it before with my MAC account.
    I'm sending you hugs, big big hugs from Canada to you my Up North friend.
    Sleep tight Kathy.
    Love Claudette AKA Claudie

  18. Oh my gosh...she does have your hair! How fun to bump into Anne..love her show!

  19. That is awesome!!! I love her and her food is awesome!!!

    Jessica M.

  20. Hello Kathy,

    Welcome to my blog!
    I found you via another german blog (maybe Dar Salma?), and with the first click it was so colorful, so full of joy and life!

    Unfortunately there is not enough time at the moment to read the whole blog :O), but I will do it(more parts of it at least). I will come back!

    First I have to dig up (is it the right word?) my
    school-English to understand EVERYTHING :O))

    Best regards, Iris

  21. Now how about that....didn't it just make you get excited all over? a great picture and something to talk about for a long time..

  22. Oh you lucky girl! I love Anne Burrell! Cute picture!


  23. Well- how cool is this!! You both look fabulous in the photo! Love the hair!!

  24. I love her cooking show. Good luck with the new computer!


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