Saturday, May 21, 2011


My computer has NOT been putting it's best foot forward lately...
My computer GUY says ..."Time for a NEW one"...
Takes me FOREVER to manuver to your blog and comment...
Very frustrating...
PLEASE bear with my TARDINESS...
While I'm deciding on the NEXT computer purchase...
If you have a favorite to suggest....I'm ALL EARS.

This post took forever to complete...definately NOT MY SPEED!

I'll leave you with some pretty scarves...are you a scarf girl?
Great for kicking up an outfit to the next level...
Enjoy the day as I pump up my COMPUTER to the next level...soon I hope!...this one has definately given up the ghost. (and I've been so nice to her these past few years...Oh well.)
another day in the life....


  1. I do love scarves...I don't have very many tho.
    Yours sure looks pretty...

  2. Good morning Kathy!!
    I totally understand the delima..
    I feel that day may be fast approaching for me also..
    I do love my Dells..
    both laptop and PC..
    trying now to down load a LOT of pics to the stand alone external hard drive..
    mindboggling at how far we have come technologically! And how deeply rooted into our daily lives the importance of computers have become!
    if the computer "doc" has done all he can for the old girl,,keep her comfy while you seek a replacement!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  3. Beautiful scarves. . .I hate computer problems.
    Love 'em when they work - hate 'em when they don't.
    Yep. Sounds like you need a new one.

  4. Computer woes are the worst. Seems like we have gotten so use to them and they are such a part of our daily lives. Hope you find what you want. Hugs, Marty

  5. I sugjest you get on a site called Newegg , I just bought a new Dell laptop with a 15 inch screen for $399.98 Now I can blog on the road . It has more memory than my old computer. you can compare several different ones on there too .

  6. Back in the 70s I had lots of scarves and wore them all the time. I don't wear them now at all.
    For computers I love my MacBook Pro Apple laptop. There isn't as much software for MACs as there is for PCs. But I don't care. I take my laptop everywhere. I wouldn't go back to a PC for a million dollars. That's my 2 cents on this topic. Have fun shopping!

  7. Have a nice weekend love

  8. Hi Kathy-
    I know what you mean about computer troubles.
    Before you move to your new one-
    save everything from your current computer on an external hard drive- especially all of your photos.

    Good luck!

    White Spray Paint

  9. Kathy . . buy a MAC. There is nothing else that can compete or compare. It's a no brainer in our house. No, I don't own one but my next machine will be one. Keep shining! Love ya!

  10. NO question about it. MAC is the best way to go. Yes, pricy, but well worth the price. I've had MACs for many years, and no viruses or problems. User friendly.

  11. Hi, Kathy! I love scarves too! As for computers, I have always had laptops... I had a Dell/wasn't happy with it. I had an HP/I was happy. I had another Dell/wasn't happy. Now have an "Acer" as my newest one, and it stinks, very slow, wouldn't recommend it. If I could go back, I'd get another HP. I have an HP digital camera for ages now, and it works great. I wish years ago that I would have gotten my old HP fixed, but it was kind of old. You can check out all different kinds of laptops on to see what's available (they also have desktops) -- they also have a lot of "easy pay monthly payment" deals if you don't want to shell out all the money at once. Good luck with whatever you get!

  12. Had a Dell, it was worthless after one year! But the HP is wonderful. I am not sure if it lap top models though because we have a desk top HP and a Dell. Both are fine. Good luck finding a new computer. Have a great weekend.

  13. Lovely scarves.... I have a closet full.... : )
    I HATE computer issues... AGH!! THE most frustrating thing... My last one died in flames.. literally... did not want to wait for another Dell to be shipped, went right to Best Buy & bought an HP... LOVE, LOVE it...
    Got a great deal... shelf model, fully loaded.. 17" screen...BUT it is heavy when I travel thru the airport (like now.. :) presently in Colorado)
    so it looks like I may now need to get an I-Pad
    All this new stuff just sucks us in... : )
    Hope you are well.... : )

  14. I had to replace my HP last November. I bought another HP. I hear good things about different ones but this was the right price for me. It is so upsetting when the computer is acting up! Makes life so frustrating! Remember when we didn't have them in our lives?? The good ole days!~Hugs, Patti

  15. My PC is down right now too!
    I am borrowing my daughters laptop!
    I have yet to decide what to buy next!
    I love that cherry scarf.....oh la la! :-)

    Hugs, Dolly

  16. I love scarves! Love them...and collect them from everywhere I go. I have some gorgeous ones from Paris, Italy, and Ireland.

  17. I LOVE MY MAC!!! :D Worth every penny and will last you almost a lifetime! ;))

  18. Well, my son is in the business and he is telling me to buy an HP. I am seriously thinking of going to a lap top this time though. I have always had a big old stationary computer but...well, we will see. It takes me forever to reply to anyone too! It is soooo frustrating! (this took about 3 ro 4 minutes) xxoo Diana

  19. Good luck with your decision. When I purchased my last lap top, I seriously considered Apple, but then decided to keep with Dell. The only thing with an Apple is that you can go to the store to a living breathing human.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Ugh- I hate having computer troubles- it totally puts me out of sorts. Worse still- I hate when I can't just "fix" whatever is wrong. I am sure you will love your new computer!

    No suggestions here- but - even though you can't really blog from an iPad- I LOVE my iPad for doing blog reading- it totally rocks!

  21. I love scarves, but don't wear them much, maybe you've inspired me too, I always look them over in the stores.

  22. I love scarves and yours are so pretty.



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