Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Is it possible for a COMPUTER to be BORN AGAIN?...
I have been messing with this old girl...deleating, cleaning...adding new systems to try and save her. Finally I just shut her down and left her alone a bit.
The last two days she's running like she trying out for the "Fairest Computer in the Land contest!).
Wow! Wish I could tell you all I did to her , I figured she was on her way out so I just started trying everthing I could think of ...figuring, "what the heck!"..."what have I got to lose?"
Like my Dad used to say...."She's purring like a tom cat in a Creamery"...
Just like new!
Now lets just hope she stays that way...
I've decided to just do a series on the Splendour's of Summertime....RIGHT THROUGH TIL FALL....
(here in Cadillac...that could be next week!!!)
However long...
I've been enjoying capturing the things that make my heart sing in Summer...
so for the next few months ...I'll be sharing "splendour" to the best of my ability... The carrier's from Ikea...Thanks Rhonda!...and the glass bottle, G-Sale.

Throwing together a pot of mixed HERBS for the front porch is a favorite.

When I saw the color of the Adirondak rocker...love at first sight....and of course the matching flowers, a given!

Can you imagine a world without color?

Me neither....

Thank You all for weighing in on your Computer preferences...I found it all very helpful.

Now I need to bring all these flowers in....we're expecting some damaging hail shortly...such a crazy weather pattern.

Enjoy some splendour...



  1. Hi Kathy! Oh, congratulations on getting your old puter up and running! You're the smartest one whether you know it or not!
    You've shown some lovely snaps.
    Hope you're doing well.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Good to see you post hon. Course, I have been so busy lately I haven't been visiting much so you may have been posting and I missed it!! lol

    Glad you are enjoying life again..........and I know that was definite choice in your circumstances. Good for you sweetie!

    All lovely pics. That coral colored adirondack chair is marvelous, love it and the flowers to match, so pretty! Hope you got all your pretty flowers in before the hail storm.

    Take care hon
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Hi Kath! Love all your color. Do you know I am just now thinking about getting my flowers for outside? It has been a crazy summer here on the other side of the lake from you! Would you beleive that we had frosty nights until about 2 weeks ago? And today it is supposed to storm hard again...but at least it is warm.

    We never really got a Spring.we went from cold to hot! I'll take the hot!

    Hope your summer is wonderful...I think about you all the time and know how hard some days this first year must be for you~ So, when you have one of those days know that you are being prayed for~ xxoo Diana

    Hmmm...Computer ~ born again? Were you swearing over it and it got religion?;>)

  4. Hi,
    I'm glad your computer came back to life. If I have trouble, I am lucky, because my son can usually fix it. :) Pretty summer pics. Keep em

  5. Beautiful plants......lovely ..have a nice day darling....xxx...

  6. For some reason I lost you...so happy to have 'found' you again


    Beautiful post...love the photos.

    Janet xox

  7. I just love when you talk about Cadillac. I have so many good memories of that town. Well, it was a town when I was walking its streets, My husband and I shopped on our honeymoon at the old pennys...your flowers are beautiful. I do love all the color on your porch.

  8. Seems to me that the computer had a "Come to Jesus Meeting!!! Mine needs it from time to time. All your flowers are beautiful and I seem to purchase all colors of annuals - never one color. Have a sweet day.

  9. I haven't gotten my flowers out yet with all of the crazy weather we are having...a lot of rain and then cold. Your flowers look beautiful...I love the carrier and the pretty pots.

    Computers are fussy little things...mine is in the shop and I am using hubbys. It just doesn't feel right. I hope your storms aren't that bad!


  10. So beautiful. Flowers in pots on the porch. Definitely the beginning of summertime. Now, can you come fix my PC it died with all my photos in it!

  11. And what beautiful colors they are! Definitely love the flowers of summer.

  12. Hi Kathy- I'm glad your computer is on a new life- there is nothing more frustrating than having computer troubles! You must be living right!

    Your summer splendor photos are beautiful. . Those chairs are fabulous- love the color! You are certainly set to have a great summer- I hope it is truly wonderful or you. ( don't be driving that fancy car too fast!)

  13. My computer teacher always used to say when something wasn't working...give it a rest and restart. Guess it worked for you too!

    Lovely photos, Kathy!


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