Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn surprised me with this little arrangement by the front door...

Then she informed me I need to purchase some kind of Fall Welcome mat for the door...

Just between you and me...she can be a tad bossy at times...
I guess we're crowning our pumpkins this year...

Autumn Annie certainly takes a lot of breaks...

She informed me she'd like pumpkin muffins to go with her "Pumpkin" coffee tomorrow...

Good thing her name is "Autumn"...she's got a thing for pumpkin...

Guess I better get the muffins going....

Lots more "Fallerizing" to get to!

See you tomorrow!!!!



  1. That Autumn Annie is really on the pumpkin!

  2. I adore the polka dot pumpkin. Real or fake?

  3. Autumn Annie did a great job but....I bet you lent a hand...or "pumpkin"!

  4. Polka dot pumpkin is real Lori....
    Just a little black paint and a circle dabber...
    That Autumn's got it goin on!

  5. Sandy...
    For sure I lent her a hand...
    and coffee and now her latest demand...

  6. love the polka dot pumpkins!!

  7. Your Annie did a great job of fall decorating Kathy..I can see why you let her Boss you around ha ha!! I think about you all the time my dear friend...Hey I got me a new great grand baby...Landen James...Hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. Gloria!!!!
    Congratulations....What a wonderful Strong name!
    Nothing more precious in this world then a brand spanking new Grandchild.GREAT Grandchild!
    I can smell his little neck from here!
    Love on him for me,

  9. Such a cute post and I love your fall goodies.

  10. ohhh...I'll take a pot of coffee with my muffin please. I have been trying recipes for the last couple of years. I want a gingerbread muffin with lemon cream cheese frosting like they sell at the JamPot in Eagle River, MI (on the UP from you, Kathy). It is the best I have ever had. Now...if YOU can make one like that I will personally drive from HERE(my house) to THERE (your house) to eat it! lol

    Tell that Autumn Annie that I need a little help Fallerizing this year myself. I been jus'a workin' too hard to play! Amen. xxoo Diana

  11. I love your Autumn Annie, she might be bossy but she sure knows how to decorate with a festive hand!

  12. Great Halloween decor. Autumn Annie is a real artist ;-)

  13. Hahhahahha!!Kathy...i must laugh about you American people.......that crazy Haloween time........hahahhah!! we Dutch people are not in the mood of that..........only pumpkins here for autumn......happy Ria.....

  14. Lovely decorations, sparkling beauty!

  15. Hi Kathy!
    I think Autumn Annie is working very hard at fallerizing! Love the bike with the flowers and that cute sign. I love it all.

    I get so excited when I see you have a new post and this morning I nearly spilled my coffee gettin over here to see what you are up to! You never dissappoint me Sista!


  16. You have such a talent:) Everything is so beautiful!

  17. Hi Miss are getting off cheap only having to pay Autumn in coffee and muffins! She's doing a wonderful job of decorating your home for Fall!

  18. Nana Diana..
    The best recipe I've ever tasted is the "Gingerbread Recipe from Laura Ingals( Little House on the Prairie).
    Melts in your mouth and I make it with a spiced whipped cream!
    Worth the 2 lbs. you'll gain eating it!!!!!Lol.

  19. VERY CUTE Post!! I have been on the look-out for an older bike since I 1st saw yours... no luck yet (well, unless I want to pay with my arm & my leg :)
    Love your pumpkins... I am not a huge fan of Halloween, you have made it fun & not creepy.
    I may go out & "polka-dot a pumpkin.

  20. Kathy @ Gone North...
    I'm not a big fan of the Halloween Creepy/ evil either..
    Fall, Harvest and changing of the season...
    Gods gifts...

  21. Kathy,
    your vignette is so fabulous! Love, love, love the polka dot pumpkin!
    I never found a white one that big over here...
    Thanks for your nice comment too, you know it was much appreciated! And sorry if I cannot visit more often :(


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