Saturday, October 23, 2010


My Sailor Husband always says..."Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning"...he's right, we've a Rainy Saturday here in Michigan....

A cozy, INSIDE ...stay in your Jammies and BAKE day...


I'd be happy to share my recipe...
1/2 cup softened butter,
1 egg,
1 tesp. baking soda,
1/2 tesp. salt,
1 1/3 cup brown sugar,
2 cups flour,
1 tesp. cinnamon,
1/2 tesp. cloves,
1/4 tesp. nutmeg,
1 cup finely chopped and peeled apples,
1 cup raisens,
1 cup chopped walnuts,(optional),
1/4 cup milk.
Mix altogether...may need a little additional flour.
Bake @ 375 for approx. 10 min. til nicely browned.
GLAZE with :
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar,
1 Tabsp. softened butter,
1/2 tesp. vanilla,
2 1/2 Tabsp. milk, ............ I add a little cinnamon to my glaze too.
whip by hand and drizzel over cookies...
MMMMmmmmm...hard NOT to EAT the whole batch!
especially on a RAINY SATURDAY!
Let me know how you like em!
hugs, Kathy.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Wow what beautiful sky photos! You take wonderful pictures. And your cookies look so delicious too. I'm drooling. We're ordering a pizza for supper tonight. I don't feel like cooking. Talk about lazy. Have a lovely weekend sweetie.

  2. Yum, looks good. Rain here all day too, but we needed it badly.

  3. Oh Kathy- Here I am TRYING to stay on the straight and narrow (at least food wise) and here YOU are tempting me not only with the recipe but with PICTURES that look good enough to make me want to lick my screen. Sorry you can't tempt me THIS time..---I am going back to the basement now where I am cleaning up MyHero's STORAGE AREA...and that,my dear, is why you can't tempt me-it's enough to make ya sick down there just to look at it! Remind me to ignore him when he gets home. This has been on his TO DO list for a year. I finally gave up and am doing it myself~ Okay...maybe just ONE batch of those cookies-I deserve it. Smiles- Diana

  4. Gorgeous red sky and your photos are superb. YUMMO on the cookies. We are having rain today too and I have my crock pot working for me with a wonderful Indian Chicken Stew. The aroma is way good. My husband loves all ethnic food. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Comfy weekend to you...

  5. Hi Kathy,
    What beautiful photos of the red sky. I love how you captured the birds on the branches.

    Those cookies look yummy and I might have to try the recipe.


  6. These look so delicious and so much like fall. I can't wait to try them. I love a cookie with icing on them. My daughter is home on fall break and we just finished baking cut-out sugar cookies. Now the fun part comes getting to decorate them. We love to do it!!! Hope you are having a great weekend. It has been gorgeous fall weather here. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Wowwwwww...beautiful reds here today....and i wish i could smell those you....happy sunday....warm hugs from me.......for both of you from us.....

  8. Hi sweet lady . . I think I'll try this tomorrow. My sister Barbie arrives in the a.m. for a 10 day visit. These look yummy so I'll give it a whirl! Pretty pics!

  9. You wicked, wicked woman,
    tempting us like that!! lol

    I have to say they look scrumptiously delicious!!
    Please can you email me one over???
    Pretty Please!!

    I so agree,
    Rainy days are really great days for being home
    and in your jamies, and for baking or cooking.
    works for me!! I really hate being out in the rain unless it is positively imperative!!

    Hope all is well with you hon,
    blessings, Nellie

  10. What a cozy post Kathy~ The cookies look so good..and your skies are magical~x

  11. They look scrumptious. I will definitely give the recipe a try! it was raining here this morning, too but we managed to get out. I guess fall is really here!!


  12. The cookies look great, think I'll make some tomorrow afternoon.
    Jesus said the same thing about the weather and folks being able to read the skies. -smile-

  13. These look so yummy -I often like to bake and take to share at work -these look so good and I bet they taste perfect for the autumn weather -your pictures are beautiful

  14. Spice and apples ~~~ I bet your kitchen smelled wonderful. Take care

  15. Your images are beautiful and the cookies look delightful!

  16. I had a 'cocoa' kinda day the other day here in Colorado. Looks like Fall is headed full-speed into Michigan. Your photos are beautiful and those cookies look TOO yummy. I must adapt the recipe for high altitude and bake some soon.

  17. Hey lady! What beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for the recipe, if those cookies taste as good as they look, I'm in for trouble! :)

  18. Oh, I love that red sunset...there is so much beauty in the world if we take the time to look around. Take time for you...
    I'm making the cookies today...yay!!!
    Been missing you and I love you.
    glenda xoxo

  19. I had never heard the 'red sky' quote before I married my husband...and he is from Michigan!

  20. The pics are glorious. The food looks delectable. Would wreak complete havoc with my trying to lose weight though!

  21. Oh my gosh, those cookies look so tasty!


  22. Gorgeous photo! And your hubby is correct! I baked ginger snaps yesterday and put cream cheese icing on them. Ask me how many are left! Not many!
    Hugs, Diane

  23. Hello my Friend,

    Thank you for the recipe...I will have to try them, they look too good!!
    I saw a big Harvest moon tonight coming back from the grocery store it was big and orange like a pumpkin!!!

    I wish you a wonderful week Kathy...Oh yes please stop by my blog to enter my Beautiful and Romantic Giveaway!! I know you won't want to miss this one!!

    Love and Hugs,


  24. Beautiful pics! SOoo sad to me that our fall colors are so short-lived..
    My husband always says, "red at night, sailors delight, red in the morning, sailors take warning"
    I am going to try that recipe, looks absolutely weekend, when I can share...way too dangerous to make them when I am alone & tempted....
    And "a stay in your jammies day" near Ludington also, I didn't even leave. Read thru some of that delightful magazine & knitted, as I watched TONS of movies...never got on my computer... I need to post about your delightful gift

  25. Now I know what to do with all of those apples I canned!

  26. Your apple cookies look sooo good....cant wait to
    try son and his sweet family live in is beautiful country...we love to
    visit !

  27. Your apple cookies look so wonderful...thank you for sharing the recipe ! I cannot wait to try them today.....
    My sweet son and his family live in Michigan as
    well. It is beautiful country and we love to visit in any season !

  28. If it wasn't 12:43 AM I would jump up and make these right now - so tomorrow - they look fabulous!


  29. Yuuummmmmm! That recipe looks wonderful. I don't cook but I love to look at good food and good food pictures and read good recipes!


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