Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Personally...anything with Molasses is wonderful.

She asked if she could take the ones home she didn't eat here......I guess.....

I thought for a minute...Autumn was going to take a dive right into the plate!

"Powdered Suger Please!"...well as long as you said please...

Take a good look...I have a feeling they'll be gone in a second!

Love this recipe... the little Muffins as well!

Happy Wednesday...



  1. So cute..Annie..the mold..the little muffins..you should submit to Foodgawker:)

  2. Those are so cute Kathy! Yummy too!

    When I read your subject title I had a flash back to "feeding the help" during hay hauling, wood cutting and shop building at the farm.:-)

  3. Kathy, those muffins are precious! They look so moist and I really like the rich, dark color. I have never seen the silicone muffin pans in that shape..I think I will check out the Kitchen store today. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yummo...now I'm ready for fall. Did you brew up some pumpkin coffee to go with those? ;) Patty

  5. What a fun post !!! hahahah!! it looks very yammie yammie.....delicious !!! love you......Ria....

  6. i love your little gingerbread elf and thank you
    for the gingerbread muffin recipe. i couldn't
    find a comment button for that post.

    blessings and prayers for your husband's
    swift recovery.

  7. Those look so yummy! I love the little pan. I see those in all the stores, but have yet to try one. Might just have to try one out!
    May the remaining week be blessed for you,

  8. Oh wow I can smell heaven all the way over here at my house....yum. I may have to try that recipe this weekend or those pictures will haunt my sleep! Have a wonderful evening and thanks for the temptation Kathy, :)....
    Tina xo

  9. Oh yummy! I love gingerbread so I just know gingerbread muffins will be my new favorite!

    You have been one busy lady ~ you and Autumn Annie ;) The autumn decor looks wonderful and I'm so stealing your polka dot pumpkin idea!


  10. Thanks for that recipe... sounds delicous...
    I contemplated that pan tonight at Jo-Anns, I may have to go back, after I see what yours look like.
    And a little powdered sugar on top is ALWAYS a good thing... : )

  11. Oh, Kathy, your gingerbread looks delicious and so pretty too! My Mom made gingerbread when we were kids and served it with lemon sauce. It was so good. I must try your recipe.

  12. I made it tonight, my husband, my son and his wife, my daughter and her husband, and all the grandbabies just LOVE IT. It was so easy to make, so moist and delicious. I usually don't like gingerbread but this I love. Your blog is beautiful, just found it this morning. I'll be keeping an eye on it. Thanks for sharing. Alaska/pj

  13. That looks so good! The pumpkin in the center looks like white chocolate. These would be great with some freshly ground breakfast blend coffee.


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