Friday, October 1, 2010


Hired AUTUMN ANNIE to give me a hand with the "FALLERIZING" this year...

as you can see...she's totally done in...

Autumns full of great ideas but her stamina is ...well...not what it used to be.

She uses the word..."exhausted " a lot!

Seriously, she's so young! can that be!
and the complaining about "Fallerizing " being Hard work....WHAT ???...I LIVE to "Fallerize"

It took me a while but then it dawned on me...

Autumn Annie smelled the "Out of this world" PUMPKIN COFFEE I started brewing in the kitchen...

we had a little chat and I told her to help herself to a cup when ever she felt the need.

She felt quite a bit of NEED today...but after a few cups , Autumn really got into the swing of things ...

and created this Fall Cutie!...

Now ...that's what I'm talkin about!

I'm headed to World Market for more Pumpkin Coffee...

Gotta keep Autumn juiced up!

xoxo~Autumn Annie's Employer...


  1. Kathy love,
    you are just too silly this morning...
    I love your new helper...grin!
    And your wonderful sense of humor...
    and your polka dot pumpkin.
    and you...

  2. Wow, both are so cute. I'm right there with you. I so could take a nap every day around 2:00. But my cube in my office is not very conducive.

  3. Autumn Annie is the cutest! I don't know if I missed a post but I am sure that you made her!!

    Now that you are back from all of your travels, I am sure decorating for fall will be heating up!! Have fun! :-D


  4. She's so cute..And so's your pumpkin...They are so much fun to paint on..and now I have spotted some with rub on transfers..:) So cute too have you seen?

    We Fallerized yesterday and Max.

  5. Love Autum Annie she is so darn cute. I love your pumpkins and your sense of humour. That coffee sounds yummy too. Enjoy your day.

  6. well, your little helper is just too cute. and your
    polka dotted pumpkin is adorable!

    i have been doing some fall cleaning too. feels

    i pray for dave each night and hope he is doing


  7. Autumn Annie is looking about the way I feel after fallerizing. All those trips to the attic about do me in. I see, however, that she is pulled together enough to have her nails polished.
    I was in World Market the other day and considered buying that coffee. I decided not to and now see that was a mistake. Guess I'll be taking that 10% coupon they gave me and heading back.
    Happy Fall.

  8. Hi Kathy,
    Good to have you drop by yesterday, and loved your thankfuls!!
    Your lil Autumn Annie is so cute, and wow, she decorates a mean pumpkin!! lol That is so cute with the polkadots.
    Enjoyed your cute lil story, and pumpkin spice coffee sounds um um good!! I love just about anything with pumpkin.
    I have been drinking Amarettta and Creme Brulee recently and they are delish too.
    Hope things are going well, and you are rested up from your trip.
    Blessings sweetie,

  9. I was feeling a tad like Autumn Annie after our road trip. Pumpkin Spice Coffee sounds like the perfect pick me up.

    Love that cute black and white punkin'!

  10. That Autumn Annie - she just needs a cup of that fabulous pumpkin coffee! Don't you just love World Market - one of my favorites!! (There is a great one at the beach!) Your Autumn decorations are wonderful - I love fall also! (you need to pop over and see my latest Harvest nest~~)


  11. She's adorable! And I love your polka dot pumpkin!
    Hugs, Diane

  12. I so aDORe this posting. Your pictures are stunning as always and so much fun this early a.m.

  13. What a fabulous dotted pumpkin! You've inspired me.

  14. Cute, cute, cute. Love her and our polka dot pumpkin is adorable. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  15. MMMMM, I can almost smell the coffee! Love the polka dot pumpkin too.

  16. So cute ...your little lazy friend........welcome home darling...great autumn here on your blog !!! hugs and love from me.......xxxxxxx......

  17. You did a wonderful job of Fallerizing your home! So funny...mys sister and I were just in World Market the other day and we were both amazed at how good that coffee tastes! We tried to purchase a bag but they were all sold out so we just filled up a cup from the sample bar....hehe.

  18. When she is done will you send Autumn Annie over to me please!! I sure could use her help and I will buy her pumpkin coffee too!!!

  19. What a cute little helper. Wish I had a helper today to work in the house with me. Love your polka dot pumpkins. So adorable!! I so enjoyed your posts from your trip. Love & blessings from NC!

  20. Pumpkin coffee!!! Hold the door for me I'm right behind you. Your help sure is adorable. Patty

  21. Wow!! I LOVE your pumpkin all decked out in it's festive polka dot finery! So fun and fall-ish. Way to go ~ I might have to try my hand at that.

    Must. get. pumpkin. coffee. first!

    Thank you for your kind visit and comment today. I sincerely appreciate it.

    Have a wonderful Saturday,

  22. Auntumn Annie is such a cutie, why don't we just let her relax while you pass me a cup of that pumpkin spice coffee?:>) Hope you and Dave have a great weekend.

  23. Hi Kathy...your helper looks about how I feel right now. Just got home from working at the pharmacy...I'm pooped. Could use some of your pumpkin coffee.
    That pumpkin dressed in dots is just too cute!
    So glad you are back.

  24. Love your little helper..maybe she needs a help-mate. I just had a cup of delicious pumpkin coffee this good on a cool fall day.

  25. Love the cute helper you have . She is nothing but bone..are you feeding her? Ha! I had a cup of delicious coffee this good on a cool fall day.

  26. Polka dot pumpkin is simply superb! Love your helper:)

  27. Hi Kathy!
    I wish I had long legs like Autumn Annie and could hang around in baskets all day long just smellin the pumpkin coffee! LOL!

    I'm in love with the poka dot pumpkin and the ribbon tie, that's the cutest darn thing I've seen in awhile.


  28. Pumpkin coffee! That sounds so good. I wonder if they have it at Whole Foods. I have been waiting for Dairy Queen to come back with the pumpkin pie Blizzard, but the coffee sounds great!

  29. Good to be home and hear all your voices again!!!
    Missed you all like you'll never know.
    I must admitt the pumpkin coffee is a winner...I'll have to go through withdrawl when it's not available after the seasons over.
    Oh Well...something to look forward to next year.
    Weekend happiness everyone!
    xoxo~Autumn...opps! Kathy.

  30. World Market!!! I love those stores- don't have one around here but when we go to Phoenix I love to drop in there!! Actually I am going to have to see if there is one in Colorado Springs area- were going next week!

  31. We've all had days like Autumn Annie. :)
    Funny Kathy!
    I can sympathize with her flopped down look!

  32. Autumn Annie is a her shoes!

  33. Holy Canola (that's about as close as you get to Holy Oil in a non-Catholic household. You see that Frazzled Annie? Uh-huh...well, let me tell ya something... I wish my legs were that skinny...if I did NOT color my hair and I cut it short..yeah...that would be me. Then you would have an image of me all your own to well...just to have I guess. I suppose being a little Halloweeeeeenish..ya could poke it with a couple of pins and see if I scream. Oh, wait...that's a whole 'nother religion, isn't it?

    Anyway...I will now respond like a "proper" grandmother should. My! What a lovely pumpkin you have. And, your doll is quite darling, simply darling. And, if you don't mind, my dear...throw an extra POT of coffee on for me. I think I'm going to need the energy for work tomorrow. uh-huh.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday, sweet Kathy- xxoo Diana

  34. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. This is an adorable post! We have a World Market near us. I'm going out to find Pumpkin Coffee! Sounds so good.

  35. Kathy that was like the cutest skit ever! mmmmm...I can smell that coffee brewing...YUMMO! Poor Annie you worked her to death.

  36. What a cute post! I know how Annie feels somedays, and could use that coffee!! Adorable pumpkin!

  37. Honey never in my life have I worked for a woman like you. So generous and understanding..are you still hiring.
    Never heard of that kind of coffee but as much as I love pumpkin pie maybe I should find some. Of course here in the south that may be a problem.
    Can not wait to see your fall pictures. I spent one summer in Ludington, Mi and fell in love with Michigan. Always wanted to see it in the fall.


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