Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are you preparing?...

Christmas...coming so soon...

are you in high gear...getting ready?

I'm finding comfort in keeping my hands busy...creating...remembering... all things heavenly.

Wishing you all the very best pre- Holiday Joy possible..

Your loving visits have not gone unnoticed...Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Life is different could it not be.

Missing him is the hardest...He was everything and in everything of everyday.

We were blessed to have him for 40 years...

I'm convinced Eternity will prove to be the sweetest GIFT of all.



  1. I am humbled by your friendship with us all..To come and visit and share..To be giving of yourself..
    There's really not a day that goes by that you don't cross my mind~
    Lovely lovely photos of peace.
    Like everything you do..just right.

  2. O my dear dear sweet Kathy.....with all the love i can give i write these words to you......nice to read a new post of you.........i will give you all my love and streingth for this time....remember your darling and loved David with whole your heart darling....and take your time...cry when you will cry....laugh when you will laugh....did you get my mail ?? and our card ????...please let me you Ria....

  3. I've thought of you so often Kathy. Your faith is amazing!

  4. Sweet Kathy, these are long days I know. Keeping busy is a good thing and giving yourself a chance to heal is also a good thing. I am glad to see some Beautiful Christmas in your home. Loving thoughts and prayers are with you. hugs, Linda

  5. Kathy- You have been on my mind and heart...and although the thought of eternity together is wonderful it is not enough to take away the ache of missing someone on a day to day basis. I'm sure your Christmas will be tinged with sadness this year as you create "new traditions" while trying to hold onto many of the old ones.

    You are on my heart and prayer list this morning..It is so good to see you back here~ Hugs xxoo Diana

  6. Dear Kathy, there are no words....just loving thoughts.
    I'm glad you are doing a post. I hope Dave runs into Patrick, I'm sure they will have lots to share up there.
    There is no time limit on grief...Pat's been gone for many years, but I still miss him.

  7. Dear Kathy, My heart breaks for you, sweet friend. I am so happy to read a new post - that means you are carrying on. Words fail me, just know you are in my thoughts and prayers, especially during this holiday season.


  8. I am continuing to remember you in my daily prayers. Wishing you Peace Kathy~

  9. I was just thinking of you last night, Kathy, and saying a prayer for you. Wondering how you are getting along. I know it will be hard, but keep the faith and God will walk with you every step of the way. Cry when you need to... it is very healing. Treasure all your memories that you are pondering in your heart, just like Mary did. And know that your precious hubby is smiling down on you from heaven and is sitting at the foot of our Lord and Savior this holiday season. What an amazing celebration that will be!!!! Know that there are many of us out here in blogland who love you very much and have you lifted up daily in prayer. Love & blessings from NC!

  10. I think of you everyday and wonder how you are doing. I feel like you are a neighbor even though you are several hours away. You are still in my daily prayers. Thank you God for all the wonderful memories you have made together.

  11. I have thought of you so much and been waiting to hear from you. You are amazing to me! I think I would still be curled up in bed...I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family....and yes, I am busy getting ready for Christmas. One of my favorite holidays!!

  12. Dear Kathy - You have been on my heart and in my prayers. As you go through these days I pray you will be blessed with unexpected blessings. Think of your dear one - cherish the memories - and let the tears fall when they choose!

  13. Kathy, I was so touched that you visited me today. You are in my thoughts so often. I marvel at your grace and your faith. Love and Prayers, Twyla

  14. Dear Kathy ~ I have been thinking of you often and praying for you. I'm glad the pretty things in your life are giving you some comfort sweetie.

  15. dear kathy,

    i pray that the Lord surprises you throughout the
    Christmas season with His joy.

    we sing a Christmas song that begins with "joy,
    joy, joy, joy!" i'm singing that for YOU.

    merry Christmas,

  16. Dear Sweet Kathy, I am so glad to see you back.
    Its good to keep busy and do the things you love.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers dear friend.

    Hugs, Dolly

  17. Dear Sweet Kathy,

    I checked in last night for the first time in many weeks... and was deeply saddened to hear of Dave's passing.

    I was always so inspired by your strength throughout this last year. You and Dave made the most of each and every day by celebrating your life together.

    How wonderful for you both to know such love. He will be with you always... until you are together again.

    Take care, Bunny Jean

  18. Kathy~~~~

    You and your sweet family have been in my heart and prayers. It makes me happy to see you post, as you said, you need to keep busy.

    Wishing you warm and happy holidays.


  19. Dear Kathy, you've been in my thoughts and prayers these recent days! I can't imagine what you've gone through and how you must feel now. But I want you to know, you are a blessing coming to us and sharing your heart.
    Shelia ;)

  20. Dear Kathy, I love to read your few words. You are a courageous woman, have all my affection-truly.

  21. As one of your commentor's said, I too am humbled by your strength, love and faith! Blessings to you each day!

  22. Kathy I think of you and I hope you are doing alright and have the comfort of your family and memories. ~Hugs, Patti


  23. God Bless you right now...and where did you get that wonderful musical star ornament????? Did y0u make it????? If so....please tell me how. I love it!

  24. I'm so happy to see you post too! Relieves me some, to have contact from you to our blog community. I think of you often, wondering how you're doing. Knowing you're sad but trying to get through the day. Know we all love you!

  25. Dear Kathy how wonderful to it was to see your post!
    40 years, wow, what great memories you must have!
    Those memories will always be yours to hold and treasure until you are reunited!

    I haven't done any decorating yet but I am going to make an effort this weekend. It's still hard to believe it is already December!
    Take care, you are in my prayers...
    Tina xo

  26. Sweet Kathy...
    I can't imagine...I love you and your strong heart and faith. It just came to me a line from a poem..
    "Dave's spending Christmas with Jesus this year."
    What a beautiful promise.
    I'm praying and weeping for ya,

  27. Kathy I so admire your strength and courage. It warms my heart to read your post and I imagine you surrounded with love from family and friends. Please keep sharing with us as we are here for you.

  28. That you can post even now is a testimony to your faith. God Bless You Sweet one. Praying for you. {{Hugs}} ♥olive

  29. Kathy, I visit your blog often and hope to start my own blog after the holidays. You've been in my prayers each day. So happy to see you back with all of us. May God Bless and give you strength each step of the way.
    Jenny in Alabama

  30. I think everyone else has said what I want to say so I will just say that I am glad you are well and keeping busy. I think of you all of the time...

    Best wishes always,

  31. Love the black and white ornaments and that piece of crackle wood, so great.

    What a hard, beyond words, time for you. I am truly sorry.


  32. I think of you, and your family, every day. Keep finding the beauty in life Kathy. The beauty helps heal.


  33. I think of you every day Kathy and I pray for you. Keep looking for the beauty in life, like the lights of Christmas. I believe the beauty helps us heal.


  34. So good to see you post. I think of/pray for you daily. I just started to cry when I read what Glenda wrote... "Dave is spending Christmas with Jesus this year" A truer statement has never been written. : )
    I love your musical star... I am sure that you made it, I just might copy it :)
    I am just starting my decorations (been down with the flu :( ) BUT I am determined as the last 2 Christmas's were in the hospital with Cancer... & I didn't do much... hoping to go all out this year.
    Be/Stay well..... K.

  35. I have thought of you so often, Kathy. It is good to see you sharing and finding comfort in daily activities again. I hope each memory brings a smile to your face. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  36. Dear Kathy, I appreciate your comment on my blog and I thought I would stop by yours...I didn't expect to see that you have recently experienced such a loss in your life and I send my prayers your way. It seems like you are surrounded by very loving friends! God Bless you, Kathy.

  37. KAthyyyyyyyyyyyy., can't imagine when few minutes ago i went into my blogroll and saw you've posted!!! I'm happy you're here..... this morning I started preparing for Xmas decorations... I know that this for you will be a different Christmas...but I know that DAve is everywhere you are.... and now he's the first to be happy you're back here ....a very strong hug from your Italian friend.... Flavia

  38. Kathy, I'm praying for you, that you may keep up the strength that carries you- blessings, big hugs and kisses. You're in my thoughts daily:)

  39. So glad to hear from you, I know this month will be a hard one. Enjoy your family time.

  40. Kathy, you are a very brave lady. This has to be a very difficult time for you.
    God bless you once again, and over and over...

  41. Kathy- my heart is so happy to see you back at your computer- sharing your lovely creations with all of us. I know you do so with a heavy heart. This Holiday season will be a tearful one for you and your family and yet I know you will celebrate your faith and love for the Lord. Your blessings are many- and you are a blessing of each of us.

    You are an inspiration in more ways than you will ever know~~~

  42. Oh Kathy I am so saddened to hear about the loss of your beloved husband. I will be praying for you and your family as you go throught this time.
    Your holiday decorations looks just lovely and glad to see you keeping busy.
    Blessings to you.

  43. You are such an inspiration.
    Wishing you many, many blessings.

  44. Kathy, it's so lovely to see you back with your 'blogging' family, I have thought of you often and I know these next few weeks before Christmas will be very hard (I lost my dad a few years ago just before Christmas) but please know that my thoughts for you and your family are coming from Australia.
    Take care,

  45. Every day when I click on my blog, I think of you and wonder how you are doing and lift a prayer up for you and your family. Just reading your blog makes me tear up and I pray that I will have the faith and courage and strength that you possess when my time comes. God Bless!

  46. Oh Kathy, I think of you so often. And pray your family and close friends are supporting you well during this time. Christmas will be difficult without their help.
    Keep busy! You are always so creative....

  47. G'eve Kathy ~ My heart aches for you, may you find comfort in our love being shared with you. Our Father holds you closely in His arms, & loving may his soul eternally in peace.

    I think of you so often, Kathy ... blessings & love ~ Marydon

  48. Kathy, I am glad to see you back on the blog and sharing your sweet spirit with us...I know this is the hardest of times and I am sending prayers and loving thoughts your way for peace...XO

  49. I so admire your faith, Kathy.
    If this happens to me, will I be as strong as you are? I don't know...but I will pray for the strength that you seem to have.
    I think of you so often.

  50. Dear Kathy,
    I have been thinking about you often and have wondered how you are doing this season. To see your post and how you are holding onto the spirit of Christmas and the memories you have of Dave in such a sweet way that shows such inner strength and a deep love that is truly everlasting is such an inspiration to your blog friends. May this Christmas season bring you more fond memories and the comfort from family and friends who share them with you. Hugs to you, Debbie


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me...I am always encouraged by your kind expressions and thoughtful comments....Know that you are loved....xoxo Kathy.