Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some Days are the color of SORBET...

I believe Sorbet is FRENCH for Sherbet...maybe not...not sure.

either way...

Sorbet is definately colorful don't you think?

We do eat with our eyes....

My sweet friend Rhonda gifted me these colorful ornaments with..."Are these sparkely enough?"...my girl knows I LOVE the sparkely!...

Isn't he the cutest?...and the tree!!!

Love her colors and sparkle...

Sometimes things are just NOT as HAPPY in black and white...

Hope your day was as colorful as mine...

Thanks Lynn, Rhonda, Barb and Katrina...a fun Christmassy Day!

Girlfriends ARE a good thing...



  1. Darling, darling ornaments! Love them!~Hugs, Patti

  2. Such sweet sugar kissed, sparkely, sherbet colored cuties! Your sunrise was amazing. And so were your friends!

  3. Peaceful colors! It is nice to see some sorbet amid the harsh red and green~

  4. Oh your skyline looks like Sorbet! which is the exact word in French..you're on your way:)

    I love the ornaments.. and you are rright some things are not as happy in black and white.. others..demand it~

    What a lovely post..
    I admire you.

  5. Glorious, Kathy! Absolutely glorious!

  6. I love your new sparkly treasures! And yes...girlfriends are the best!


  7. I love the sherbet colors. Your photos are dynamic. The little ornaments are so precious. I have several willow tree pieces...I love the incomplete face look...it lets you use your imagination.

  8. Very cute decorations! Very nice friends!

  9. Kathy I love your sorbet colors and those ornaments are the cutest!

  10. Now those ornaments are wonderful with all those delicious colors...your entire post is filled with those wonderful colors...simply lovely.

  11. I have to say that sparkly pastel ornaments have a certain appeal. Years ago in a Mary Englebreit Home Companion she did a layout for the holidays featuring all pastel wreaths and decorations and it was fabulous. I have never forgotten how soft and cozy it all felt!
    Have a super day Kathy!
    Tina xo

  12. What sweet colors, Kathy...it's always a good day when you post...I have missed you...glad to know you are doing ok.
    Love ya,

  13. Love ...from me.......my dear Kathy......xxxx.....

  14. How refreshing your sorbet looks...good enough to eat. Sparkly holiday decorations are so fun. Love that sunset photo. WOW! I agree, girlfriends are the very best!! Happy Holly Jolly Joy to you...

  15. Those are just the cutest things ever. I love those colors...and they remind me of sherbert...or sorbet. Every once in a while I just get this intense longing for lime sherbert...it always reminds me of FL and re-connects me to that time of my life. Hugs- Diana

  16. What adorable ornaments. So cute!!!! They make me happy just looking at them. And it sounds like you have some awesome girlfriends to spend "girl-time" with! Praying for you Kathy. Love & blessings from NC!

  17. These are so wonderful!!! I just know you are going to like them!I really like the colours too!

  18. Kathy, your pretty ornaments, and your perspective, in general, brought a smile to my face.

    Btw, I'm another who's all about sparkle; sparkly things make me happy.

    And I'm also one who eats with her eyes. I hope to, someday, figure out a way to keep those calories from relocating from my eyes to my hips.

  19. Yes, girlfriends are the best gift of all! I love your pretty sparkling friends. And that last pic: phenomenal, Kathy!

  20. Those colors are such a welcome change from the usual bright colors of Christmas. So pretty and sparkly and fun. ~ Sue

  21. What adorable ornatments, Kathy! And yes, having girlfriends are wonderful! And so important to our lives.

  22. What a thoughtful, charming gift! I love a little sorbet in life, too!

  23. Beautiful, sweet and happy little ornaments - the pictures are beautiful. Girlfriends that care and know - are the very best. You are blessed as are all of us that call you friend.



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