Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We all have colors that our spirits come along side of...

These are mine...any shade of white, pastel pink, beachy greens /blues.

even throwing in some black accent pieces now and then just for depth...

This cabinet has been with me for years...and painted more colors then I care to remember!

Remember "Something"s Gotta Give?"...

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton...( who looks like that at her age!!!)

She collects the white shells...he the black.

The star origionally was dark red...

not any more...

Whatever your colors...

wave/display them proudly!

Lifes too short to live with colors your don't LOVE.

Color me OUT! ~Kathy~


  1. What a great post. You are so right. Life is too short to live with colors you don't love. Yours are gorgeous. They set you on a cloud.

    I love that you have repainted that cabinet many colors through the years. How wonderful to have a piece that transends with you, with just a coat of paint.

    I'd love to have you link this post to Seasonal Sundays this Sunday.

    - The Tablscaper

  2. Kathy what a lovely post! It makes me stop and think....the colors I love should be all around me! Thanks!

  3. Those soft colours lift my spirit! Lovely photography, as usual.

  4. What a true post. I love your colors, so soft and pretty. Mine would blend nicely with yours except for a touch of red. I love color and can't imagine living without it.

  5. Have a colorful day

  6. I love the colors of nature and the beach! I try to incorporate all colors that make me happy!~Hugs, Patti

  7. Beautiful!
    I'm a green, orange, and khaki type of gal.
    I agree - surround yourself n the colors you love.

  8. Your pics are so lovely!... so peaceful & calming... whenever I see those colors together I do think of you... I LOVE, LOVE your cabinet!
    I have always leaned towards red... BUT we just bought a new lake front/up north place... It is huge & it is a foreclosure that needs a whole new make-over... we are leaning towards your "Beachy colors".. & as I told my sweet husband, "We can Goodwill & paint" : )
    It will for sure be a long, but fun project...

  9. I've learned over the years that if I don't love it then I don't have it. I love soft colors (mostly creamy white and pink) because they calm me and soothe my often restless spirit...

    Thank you, Kathy. You bless us all.

    Love, Rebecca

  10. Yes...colors are so important to us and how they make us feel...
    Hurrah Kathy on the Lakefront House!!!
    My most earnest live on the lake.
    You'll have wonderful days restoring and decorating...

  11. Hi sweet Kathy!!! The colors you love are so very soothing and relaxing ~ isn't it amazing how colors do determine the "feel" of our homes? That cabinet is GORGEOUS white, too!!! I hope you are doing wonderfully, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  12. Beautiful post, Kathy! I've always loved your taste in warm pastel colors. Everything looks lovely! Have a wonderful weekend!


  13. I agree-Your colors are perfect for you! I am living with colors that another chose right now...but longing to get back to MY own true colors! xo Diana


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