Monday, June 20, 2011

Need a laugh ?....

Then you must spend the day with these four friends of mine...
These are my "Older then DIRT friends"...You know... the ones you've known forever and have got enough dirt on you to write a "Worst seller" about you.
We try and get together often and plan special trips...we call ourselves the "Sabines" and that's a WHOLE nother story...for another day.
Last Saturday we left early on a road trip to where-ever the road took us!!!!...only real destination was Interlochen for the Arts in the evening to see a live performance of the "Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keillor.
This was our first stop...Cherry Street Mkt. in Kalkaska Mich.
We did some major damage there....
the owner gave me the okay to shoot the place and I did just that...

The colors , displays, and variety are over the top...

Hard not to want a little of everything...

Michigans got the market on hydroponically grown "Golf Balls"...

Yeah ...we got it goin on in Michigan!!!!

They're even FRESH!

A great LAUGHING day...

More to come!



  1. Being a Michigander, why does this NOT surprise me! LOL Love it!

  2. Kathy, I'd love to have a group of friends like that. What a remarkably special day.

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous market! there are some absolutely gorgeous Farmers Markets here in Michigan aren't there? I've never been to Kalkaska though, looks like I need to. We listen to PHC all the time! Glad you had so much fun!

  4. I think everyone should have friends like that- ones that can make you laugh and not take you too seriously when you start expounding on something. Love gals like that. Neat place you visited too! xo Diana

  5. What a great friends you have Kathy !!.......nice to do this......lovely

  6. It's great to have friends that are there for the long ride. Neat places you visited.

  7. Isn't it great to have friends that you have known most of your life and when you get together with them's like time has never passed and you are all still in high school?? I am lucky that way...I wish everyone was. I am glad that you are!~Hugs, Patti

  8. "Sabines"? I want to know!!

    What would we do without our great Girlfriends?? What a wonderful sisterhood you nurture when you go on these outings. Loved the photos!!

  9. Hi Kathy,
    There is nothing better than a fun trip with best friends.


  10. Hi Kathy...
    Gorgeous....beautiful colors and omg...the fruit and veggies look so tasteful...
    This place would be right up my alley...
    Isn't it great to have good friends that you can laugh and laugh with...Makes life great...
    Thanks for sharing..

  11. What a great group..You're blessed and vice versa w/ these buddies..Jacques would love the balls:)

  12. You are truly blessed to have such a great group of life long friends. What fun to spend the day going wherever the road leads you. Great market too. I don't have anything like that close to me here in So. Cal.

  13. I know all of those sweet girls and they are a riot! Lots of fun! Love that you all can laugh a lot and have some 'girl time' together!! ♥

  14. I love Prairie Home Companion and Garrison Keillor. Saw him in Columbus, GA a couple of years ago and during one of their radio blurbs they actually wished my aunt a Happy 75th Birthday. She was home listening to NPR on her radio and was so delighted. I love Michigan...especially the cherries in the Traverse area. We ate a ton last summer when we were there.

  15. Oh, Kathy it looks like you had a fantastic day. What a feast for the eyes.

    - The Tablescaper


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