Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I was playing with my blog and trying out the NEW format...I hit classic and BAM!!!!
Everything changes...and there is no getting it back.
How do you get your old format back...
all day long my NEW, NEW, NEW computer just freezes up.
It's like I've lost my blog into the great black hole.
Blogging is not supposed to be this crazy!!!

I'm open for suggestions...P L E A S E !!!!


  1. Adorable picture!
    Wish I knew how to help you, but I don't. I'm always afraid to change anything for fear that I'll mess something up....I really need a good course that will teach me all the ins of blogging.
    sorry :(

  2. Hi Kathy, the new format is harder to get used to...
    I use the Simple Template...then you can adjust your widths to the size you want. I use Simple and the all white background...I guess you just need to experiment, and I do miss the old template that covered all of the screen. It's just not available anymore. Sorry, I guess I'm not much help...just get in the ditches with the rest of us and play it by ear. Hoping you are doing well...I lost the love of my life on August the first, so I know how you felt...been missing you. xoxo

  3. As soon as you admitt defeat...The lightbulb goes on!!!
    I figured it out!
    Thanks Shug!

  4. Kathy-- You are back!!! Wow - I have missed you so much! I took a blogging break - after the Harvest nests were finished --- and while I was gone -- you came back!

    So sorry you are having problems -- honestly - it took me a while to get used to the new format - but now that I have been at it a bit -- I do think that I like it better. But - I know that there are lots of people still trying to figure it out --- its tricky for sure!

    Your grandbabies are adorable!! And your Chef is a real cutie!!!


  5. Don't ask me ..look how my copy and paste looks:(
    I wish the old was back..Can't copy and paste recipes at all..they all look like white highlighting..Makes me sad you lost your blog..there has to be a way..I fret that a lot too..Fingers crossed!

    The kids..however..are munchable..:)


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