Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Worthy Cause and a FIND!

 My friend Vicki over @ "Two bags full" is sponsoring a project focusing on Breast Cancer awareness....A worthy project, an important project.
I've decided to be a small part of her I've purchased the yarn and tonight I'll sart my scarf.
Click on her button on my sidebar and she will so eloquently give you all the information...the bonus is you'll get to see her FABULOUS blog and get to know her!

 You know the paper trees from my last post....Today I found this "PERFECT" colored pot @ a local resale and I believe I heard the words...."Please build a "Tree" in me"...
I've bought things for crazier reasons then I laid down 5 big ones and brought her on home.
another project in the making...
xo, Kathy.


  1. Kathy -- the yarn is gorgeous and I am thrilled that you are going to make this into a beautiful scarf for the project. I cant imagine what it must be like to have a personal battle with breast cancer -- but for those who know this demon first hand -- I truly believe that a gift such as this can turn a bad day into a "better day." A warm hug from someone who cared enough to make a beautiful scarf and then give it away to a perfect stranger.

    I love you for doing this -- for making this gorgeous yarn into a scarf (I aready want to touch it!!) and for sharing this project with your many devoted readers and followers -- I hope they will be moved to participate as well.

    You are precious to me~~


  2. five big ones? ones, fives, tens, hundreds?
    it's beautiful, but i have no understanding
    the cost of lovely treasures.

    1. Sorry sweetheart...Five big ones to me is $5.00...Ha!
      A mis-use of the phrase for sure!
      I'm to cheap to drop a bundle for a craft project!
      and pleasure for sure and I hope others will come along also...
      xo, Kathy

  3. Your pink yarn is delicious. I am hoping to participate in Vicki's project. Blessings...

  4. The yarn looks lovely! Great cause for sure!


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