Thursday, April 23, 2009

A New Gown For The Queen!!!!! dut,dut,da dahhhh..

Introducing...The "Prom Queen" she lives in my studio and oversees the Kingdom....
She's a good listener but not big on offering ideas...I am inspired when I look at her though!...
I enjoy having Royalty in the room...
Today I discovered this new gown for her... she's thrilled and insisted I show her subjects...!


  1. Greetings Sabine Sister!!!

    Prom Queen is Gorgeous. Haven't seen that many ruffles since the early 80's! But she needs a real name. How about a naming contest? By the way, royalty has been in your house for a long time. Don't forget Beauty and Craft Queen!! Create on Sabine Sister!!

    Love You Bunches,
    Sabine Rhonda

  2. Love the Prom gown. What a beautiful blog. Just had to add it to my favorites. Your Cadillac friend


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