Monday, April 27, 2009


How are your organizational skills?... Do you like to organize things?
For me it's like therapy!!... Last winter I decided to roll all my loose yarn into balls and group them into similar colored displays....instead of all thrown together in a heap in the corner of my studio.

I love to organize and re-arrange things.. I think that's the big draw for me with blogging too.

I love putting together a blog post, I get the same satisfaction as re-arranging a room! After putting together a post , I view it and say "Well, There!"... Arranged things just the way I wanted them and there they stay!!!

Actually..... blogging is even better then room re-arranging......NO ONE MESSES IT UP AFTER..

So...the yarn is organized and I've a clean corner in my studio....excellent!
On to the next project ~Kathy.

A little peak at my neat and tidy yarn....

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