Wednesday, November 4, 2009

These are the hard working hands of my man....I am blessed... Could have froze the sauce ...but I love looking at the jars in the Pantry all winter...satisfying...
I don't know what I would do without this little tool...I have used this as long as I can remember for getting those jars out of the HOT bath...some things you just never change...

Must have labels ....for gift giving...

A full pantry for the Holidays...Red and Green for Christmas! Thank's to my man...xoxo~Kathy Have a saucy day my friends!


  1. Hi Kathy! Oh, what wonderfulness! Everything looks so good. My mother used to can fruits and veggies and I got to help as a little girl. Your post brought back those sweet memories.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Wow! You are one industrious lady!
    Love your blog. The photos are wonderful and I like the mix of food, houses, jewelry - all my favorite things.

    You must be a fan of the saying "if you rest, you rust".
    Thanks again for visiting me at Mignardise.

  3. What a festive cozy post..I don't blame you for liking to look at the jars:) Your photos are so pretty..

    Nice husband too..You are just perfect for each other.:)

  4. Such fabulous and yummy looking applesauce, what a thrill to get DH to help. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wait, Wait! If you have red hots to make the red one, what's in the GREEN on??

    I love the idea of butter. I'm so trying that!

    Love the labels too! Thanks for posting this.

  6. Hi Kathy,
    Your applesauce sounds wonderful and, I'm with you, REAL butter (in moderation perhaps) is the only way to fly!

    As always, your photography is stunning!

    Hope your week goes well.


  7. This looks wonderful! I love the idea of the bitter! Enjoy! Twyla

  8. Kate...Nothing so fun as red hots....I used a little green food coloring to give the sauce that green holiday or sometimes( Monster) sauce look! xoxo~Kathy

  9. Karen... Thank you for the sweet comments...I do have a hard time sitting still, lol...I like that "If you rest you rust" says it all actually...I think we should have finished our lives on this earth totally worn out and used up! I'm well on my way with 2 knees and 1 hip replaced...I was just informed I need both thumb joints replaced...Not this girl!!!! NOT sharing my thumbs...xoxo~Kathy

  10. Nothing like good old-fashioned goodness! Your photos are absolutely divine and I am craving some applesauce now!

    Love & hugs,

  11. I'll get "sauced" with you anytime you want to share some of that glorious looking applesauce! I like mine chunky, too. So what IS coloring the green batch? Inquiring minds want to know...
    :-) Sue

  12. I am so impressed, Kathy! Your applesauce looks delicious and how lucky can you be to have such a willing husband?

  13. Mmm. My mouth is watering. And you got yourself the perfect man!

  14. Yummy! So fall and pretty! We love making applesauce and we also use the red hots, but I have not thought of making GREEN! What a fabulous idea! :D Happy Fall to you! Betsy

  15. Hi Kathy, I can smell the sauce and I'm drooling. In fact, I can almost taste it - lumpy and all. Mmmmm... Your jars look beautiful and like you, I so enjoy to see them on the shelves. Makes the pantry complete!
    what a lovely blog you have. xx

  16. Looks wonderful, Kathy!
    I've used red hots in applesauce but never thought about butter. Might just have to give that a try.

  17. Hi Kathy,
    Your apple sauce looks yummy! I'm sad to say that I'm not very gifted when it comes to baking/cooking... I'm what you might consider baking/cooking impaired or chanellenged! :-) But I have been blessed with meeting many wonderful women like you here in blog world that have inspired me to try. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

    Blessings and a hug,
    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  18. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....I can almost smell that delish applesauce cooking....well, I WISH I could, that is. It looks so pretty!


  19. Kathy your apple sauce looks heavenly! I really love your stylish little labels too. You are so clever!
    Best wishes, NM.

  20. Oh man so I kept waiting for the recipe as I scrolled down...I am sorry to admit I have never...believe it.
    So fun to look through all your busy happenings. Thanks for the sweet words and I do hope we do well.
    Blessings for you and that sweet man of yours ;-)

  21. Oooh. How festive. The applesauce looks delicious. I have to admit, I am an anti-fat peep when I cook myself, but when someone else makes it, what I don't know will not hurt me.

  22. Oh, Kathy, fresh applesauce! What do you use for the green? Have not heard of butter before. Hmmmm! DH just said, 'sounds good ' to him.

    We are partial to Gravenstein applesauce.

    Looks wonderful!

    TTFN ~ Marydon
    Giveaway ~ go to Nov. 1st post if you haven't entered.

  23. OH Kathy! I dearly love the green and red applesauce! I would love to get a jar of that colorful goodness for Christmas! Clever Girl!

    So happy to meet a fellow Cortland Lover!

  24. What a wonderful treat to receive one of these! You're an ambitious gifted gal. I remember all those rows of canning jars filled with goodies in my great-grandma's cellar.

  25. MMMmmm~ I bet your house smelled Heavenly! I used to make up quick little batches of chunky cinnamon applesauce for my kiddos and now they just pop in the kitchen and do it themselves. 14 year old son will crank out a pie now and then too! Hope you have a restful weekend.


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me...I am always encouraged by your kind expressions and thoughtful comments....Know that you are loved....xoxo Kathy.