Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What are those strings hanging from the bottom of that round coffee table...probably the price tag!

Pretty tacky Kathy...

especially since you've had it for a few years!!!!

Good grief!

She does have some unique lines...

Was this about the Bird or the Bench!!!!.....
Bench...of course.

The next project....

What color is she painting that? red, white or black?

Have a good day in paradise my friends,


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  1. What a wonderful find. Good for you it is gorgeous.

  2. Oops I just noticed the beautiful quilt hanging in that room on the side it is beautiful and I am making one of those now, but in different colours.

  3. A find that any proud picker would love to have. So you just went to the door and asked?...I do have to brave-up and try that. Your bench/table is wonderful.
    A Great Week To You

  4. Hi Kathy,
    The great Junk Gods have spoken! LOL
    It was meant for you to have that wonderful bench. Um, I think I'll start riding my bike on trash evening.
    I love how it looks in your room and the little birdie, who has taken up residence there, is a cutie.
    Oh, I love your style. I cannot believe how much alike we are in our tastes. Both Good, of course!


  5. This is such a cute post, Kathy. And I laughed at the price tag. I've had that happen. AND I also find moving tags on things. (And I haven't moved in 35 years!)
    Great find with the bench and you did a super job with it!

  6. Oh my gosh but your house is just fabulous! LOVE your "new" bench! Love that you found it in a trash pile! That is the kind of thing that just makes your heart sing! Love that sweet little bird too!


  7. Kathy, how on earth did you carry that bench while you were riding your bike? LOL :D You're a funny girl. Great find though! A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do! I can't wait to get up to Cadillac to get those great finds too! :))
    Betsy @
    A Day In The Life.....

  8. ....oh wait...sorry. I just read that you went back home after your bike ride and picked it up in the car.....bummer....my way would have been much more interesting to picture in my head! LOL :D

  9. Kathy....Nice! You find the greatest things...love how it turned out!~Hugs, Patti

  10. What a great find!! Side table, or you can put a cushion on it & make an extra little seat or footstool.
    I have never done "Road-side thrifting" I will have to start looking...
    ( & I am guessing that you are going white, since pink was not an option :)

  11. I love trash day! So many neat treasures sitting by the side of the road. Your find is fabulous! Looks wonderful added to your lovely home.
    I always love coming here for a visit.

  12. Good morning Kathy,
    that table is a jewel..serendipity is so cool, don't you think. I wonder if it will look good with the frenchy pictures I sent you yesterday,
    gosh I hope they get there in good shape.
    Please let me know when you get them, and I am wondering what they have decided about your hubs.

  13. What a great find, Kathy! Such an unusual shape, and I love the tag!

  14. I came by to see how you are on this lovely Michigan day...I am Down South Of You, Jil...haha

    I have a perfectly good beach bike I use for decoration in the back, maybe I need to hop on it and go looking next garbage day...I never thought of doing it that way and getting exercise, too!
    Love that little birdie....and the bench...what a neat find....
    hubby found for me a few years ago, a lovely high back old wicker rocker by the curb. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.... Knowing I would adore it, he quickly parked and walked FAST to get it ahead of another....now that is LOVE!It sits on the front porch all painted white and looking proud. At the same curb was a darling old wheel barrow with the original paper with the company name on it....it sits in the back with pots of flowers....
    How dull life would be without treasure hunts!!!

  15. The bench and the bird go together perfectly!! You find the neatest stuff on garbage days!! I'll have to join you someday to go 'shopping'!!


  16. Great stuff you find Kathy !! it feels like i am in heaven sitting outside the sun is shining on my face................and it´s 21.15 in the evening !! god it great !!!! he let the sun shining on my face right now!!!!....happy evening my love........hugs from me ....Ria....

  17. I love this bench Kathy....and I just adore the wee birdie too!


  18. I love the bench and am amazed at what people throw away, but I'm sure some are equally amazed at what I keep, lol. We live no where near a beach, but I find shells, on a morning walk, my husband is amazed! Lezlee

  19. What a wonderful find, Kathy!
    You made it just gorgeous. :-)


  20. You've got to be kidding me, Kathy. I never spy anything on the side of the road for free except beyond stained furniture with the guts hanging out that I'm afraid to touch. Dirt I'm not timid about. But stains, oh yeah.

  21. Wow! How beautiful! I am just wondering what the previous owners would think now!
    True perfection!

  22. I'm not sure if I commented earlier. I love your treasure that you found. It really turned out nice. And to think that someone was throwing it away. It will be well loved at your house. Hope hubby is doing well. Love & blessings from NC!

  23. OH wow! What a lucky find! Thanks for stopping by. . . I sure enjoyed my first visit to your blog too!

  24. Kathy, another gorgeous post. I think that your house must be full of light and love. Just like you. Hugs

  25. Now, this is a fine olden bench and you painted her the perfect color white. I LOVE IT !!
    XO bj

  26. That was great! I've done that. Got my coffee table that way! :) Not everyone has an eye for how thing COULD look..and you do!
    I love it! You've made up my mind...the table is being painted WHITE! Thanks!!
    Should I paint the bar stools red? There are three of them..would that be too much red? I've painted one black..and with the red check ...anyway..sigh..I guess they will all be black...for now! :)

    The coffee table is definitely going to be black..that's the one I picked up at the curb one day!

  27. Kathy ~ I just love your find and I too love trash day ! My sister laughed at me when I told her about it but she loves it now ~

  28. It looks wonderful, Kathy! You make everything so pretty! Thanks for popping in and no, my little grand lives too far. We have to used Skype, but that does help! I can see her but I can't hold her. But we're going up in July and then I'm going to squeeze her little socks off! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. What a nice freebie. Love the bird, too. I also love your slipcovered chair and pillow.

  30. Great find! Lucky you. Now keep up the bike rides... not only is it finding great treasures, but the healthy benefits of a bike ride are immeasurable.

    Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie. Come again anytime Ü

  31. I could spend all day in that room, Kathy. The roadside piece is a treasure for sure. And, your chatty little 'pecker' was great company on the tour.

    Have a beautiful summer day...
    TTFN ~ Hugs. Marydon

  32. I love finding treasures...no matter where!!! Your bench is so pretty and it looks like your birdie likes it too! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  33. What a great find. I love it in white- and the bird looks perfect.
    Enjoyed visiting as usual-
    I am inspired and I need a bike!

    White Spray Paint


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