Sunday, August 1, 2010


See the picture hanging on the divider?...

Last weekend I fell in love with it at our local Art show in Cadillac Mi....

basically because it was all the colors in my living room and it called to me, (doesn't take much!)


It is a 3-d Multiple photographic image, cut out and assembled to give a 3-d effect when framed.

It is made by a husband and wife team...Robert and Jacqueline Russell from Kentwood Michigan .

As Dave and I were riding through "FRANKFORT" Mi. the otherday to take a 3 hr. boat trip to see the dunes along lake Michigan, I yelled....."Stop the car!!! There's my picture!!!!"

Dave said, "only you would have noticed that!"

I was so shocked to see the very building I purchased the artwork of!!!!!

The photos for the art must have been taken a while back....the building is a little worse for wear at this point but still wonderful!