Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be sure to visit my friend Vicki and her wonderful blog..

a little frame decor...with the organdy rose project.

The antique teapot and the Ikea cups go well in here.


should be able to wrap this up tomorrow...

do I hear applauding? ha!

Been busy redoing my sons basement the last couple days, talk about a transformation.

Will share just a couple shots soon, as we're not quite done yet.

til tomorrow, Kathy.


  1. Those pictures take my breath away- your insight into photography is amazing. You need to be my official nest photographer!!

    Kathy this room has so many beautiful touches- everywhere. My dream would be to share a cup of tea with you in this beautiful room!

  2. Vicki, Your so kind...easy to photograph something so beautiful...
    and the teapot is always on, love to have you.
    Thanks again,


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me...I am always encouraged by your kind expressions and thoughtful comments....Know that you are loved....xoxo Kathy.