Monday, January 17, 2011

Perfect timing....

Love Kathy...


  1. The flowers are gorgeous and so is your spring time living room! And I love the picture of the tot with the tat!


  2. So beautiful Kathy! What a wonderful friend with perfect timing! I can just smell them through the screen. I had to purchase tulips yesterday just for a touch of spring! :) More snow tonight...
    Stay warm :)

  3. I just emailed you!! And then found you here..Was just wondering.. and thinking about you..
    I see I am not the only one..:) How sweet of Candace..:)
    I ♥ tat's on my boys..the take off kind:) Like you..

    So nice to see you..

    I love your M Bubble:)

    Do you know Mindy Gledhill? I spent a while buying many of her songs on Itunes yesterday.
    Inspirational and sweet.
    I think you would love her?
    I discovered her cute song Anchor on a pretty pretty blog..Lolab's.. and the discovered so many of her wonderful songs~
    Just thought I would tell you..

    Nite Nite~

  4. I love, love, love your house, Kathy! I can visualize that one room in my head. Filled with soft colors.

  5. What a precious wee arm with the cute tattoo! And those flowers ... they SCREAM SPRINGTIME! Beautiful! I can't wait to see the peonies in my own garden! What a special friend you have.

  6. Hi, Kathy. What a wonderful friend to bring you such gorgeous flowers. And I LOVE that pink chair of yours in the background!!! And you know what else I love? That precious little finger on the recipe card. Adorable!

  7. How wonderful to have friends that know, without being told, just what we need...when we need it...often when we don't know ourselves...THAT is a friend of the heart.

    I so love those little tattoos-just so precious..and so fleeting, much like the moments of childhood itself.

    Have a wonderful night- Hugs- Diana

  8. Hello Kathy,
    The flowers are so lovely!!! I also love the "tattoo" :)

    I hope you are doing well and I think of you often.
    Suzann xoxoxo

  9. Also spring here !! beautiful love love Ria....xxxx....

  10. The tatoo is priceless:>) I just can't wait for spring, it looks like it's already arrived at your house!


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