Sunday, January 9, 2011

Q-TIP...of the day.

If you've not thought of this already ....kind of fun in creating a totally different atmosphere...
Here's my Q-Tip of the day...
Take a night light which always comes with either clear or white bulbs....and change the bulb to pink...

Gives the room a yummy pinkish glow....

and that's my Q-Tip for the day!
Have a good one,


  1. I love it...great idea!

    Hope all is well with you, Kathy.


  2. I love this idea but have to ask...
    where do we find pink bulbs at?

    Hugs, Dolly

  3. I hope you will have many QTip ideas..
    I'm a follower:)

    You even make QTIps look good:)
    Greetings on this Sunday afternoon..

    C'est génial!

  4. I love those idea's!!! We have a blue-ish nite lite in our bathroom but pink sounds much nicer:)

    I hope you're doing well. XOXOXO

  5. Gee Kathy, only you my Sister, would come up with such a great pink idea! I love it.
    Pink makes us look prettier too.


  6. That is a sweet tip of the day! I will have to try that!

  7. Good tip, pink is flattering to everyone and especially in the cold, dark winter light!

  8. you have the most innovative ideas. thank you!

    our city's fanciest store replaced all the lights in
    the many chandeliers with pink bulbs, and it was

    happy new year.

  9. Great tip, Kathy. It's funny, this morning my husband and I were putting candles out for company and found that our little battery votives had a yellow tint. We wanted a clear or white glow. But didn't realize 'till too late. One might thing the tint wouldn't matter but it does set a certain mood. Thanks for sharing, tami xoxo

  10. Love it.... just might try it tonight!!!!

  11. We have nite light every where in our vacation house so I will try this. Thanks bunches♥

  12. what a neat idea! thanks for sharing

  13. Dolly...I found these pinkies at Home Depot....
    but all the major building and hardware stores carry them.
    I use the larger ones in many of my lamps too.

  14. Great idea but I was thinking where I could find pink light bulbs and then you said Home Depot. We use a night light in the bathroom 24/ would look pretty with the wallpaper too!~Hugs, Patti

  15. O, you do have the most beautiful blog I've ever seen.
    I will give you a million dollars if you will teach me to make a header like yours!!!

  16. I think I've been hiding under a rock or something. Not sure how I've never come across your beautiful blog! I'm in blog Love :D Off to look at more posts! Great Q-tip, haha!

    Have a great night! xo

  17. I could use a Milliom Dollers BJ!
    Lets talk!
    I'd be happy to give you some tips...
    Happy as a pig in mud!

  18. OOO, Kathy, I worked a little on my header and altho mine isn't nearly as pretty as yours, I am happy for right now. I'll keep working oon it...Thanks for your beautiful inspiration.
    And, tomorrow..I am buying PINK are supposed to LOOK better in pink lighting, too. At 73, this ole broad needs all the help she can get...:)

  19. Hey, Kathy! Further to my email, thanks for visiting me and I am looking forward to reading some past posts of yours to get to know you. I will take your "Q-tip" into consideration... although with a 20 year old son who is still here, I don't know if he will like a pink bulb. LOL!! :)
    P.S. OH! and I am your newest Follower. Thanks again, so much, for being MY newest Follower! :)

  20. Hey! Who but you would have thought, pink..
    sweet... next trip to HD, I will look for some..
    Thanks for stopping by, been SOooooo busy... I have a mitten business & have not stopped sewing since before Thanksgiving...I thought after Christmas it would stop.. but NO.. here it is 2 AM & I am still working on orders : )
    + I got a new camera for Christmas, took lots of pics for posts & I can not get them to load..
    Agh!!! technology... I will be back soon, I hope. : )
    Hope you are doing well.... K.

  21. Thanks for tip..have a great day!!! Ciao Flavia

  22. Hi Kathy ~ So nice to meet you too! I look forward to following your blog and am now going to go back in your archives to have a peek at what you've been up to! I'm already seeing so many beautiful photos and yes, you DO have a heck of a lot of snow! Happy Monday! ~Lisa

  23. Hi Kathy! Oh, what a sweet Q Tip Idea! At first glance I thought I was seeing a fingernail will bright pink polish! :) I haven't been up long! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Hello Kathy,
    Thank you for your visit to my blog, and sweet comment. It's nice to meet you! I like your Q-tip idea. Gets me ready for the pink coming up for Valentine's day.
    Have a great week!
    - Susan

  25. Great idea, Kathy! I didn't even know you could get little pink bulbs!

  26. adorable!

    thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. you are such a ray of sunshine, always!!!

    happy new year


  27. And a great tip is it! I have never thought of doing that.


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