Monday, February 15, 2010

Made the back "envelope style" with a tie...easy to unstuff and wash...

There you go Candy....hope this was you can make your own rendition of the
Pottery Barn Pillow!
Happy Monday my friends, xoxo~Kathy.


  1. Your pillow tops the PB version any day - it's adorable! I'm doing a little blog reading while it's snowing outside (AGAIN!!) I'm so glad to see that your guy is doing well and you were able to have a little "you and me, babe" time - as we call it.

  2. You did a wonderful job with your pillow. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Darling and yes, it will go wonderful with your winnings! Congratulations!

  4. Your new pillow is gorgeous! I really love the sweater pillow too!!

  5. That looks so easy! I have never tried the word copying before. I like the fabric you chose too!

  6. Oh lala I just posted about this paper! Your pillow/pictorial is awe inspiring:) Gorgeous!

  7. Your pillow turned out beautiful. I like it much better than PB's. I also love the other pink pillow as well. Did you make it too?

  8. Hello Kathy,
    nice to meet you too! Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    What cute Nest pillow you made! You've inspired me to make my own.
    Have a beautiful week,

  9. Very cute pillow! I haven't seen the Pottery Barn pillows, but I'm betting your is way nicer!


  10. Oh I just love it. Such a cute pillow and the nest quote is just perfect. I agree, they do have some gorgeous pillows, but boy are they expensive. I think yours is better. Hugs, Marty

  11. Just love this Kathy...How is Dave doing today...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. Your 'nest' pillows are darling! I admit, i caved and bought the PB 'nest' pillow, gulp, i 'll have to try the copy paper for sure!

  13. Thank You girls....I kept looking at those Pottery Barn Pillows thinking....we can do gave it a try, Happy with the results.
    Gaia...the ORIGIONALS are fabulous...I know your happy with them!
    Monica...Glad your inspired!
    Treasia...The other pillow was from Marshalls a couple years ago.
    Valerie and Gloria...My LOVE is doing wonderfully at this point, He is free of all chemo this week and we are planning on having a Grandson for a few days this week.
    Next Monday he starts the second round of Chemo.
    Have a great evening girls...and Thanks for stopping by, xoxo~Kathy

  14. Kathy, I like your version way better. I love the color's the ribbon tie in the back all of it. Blessings, Marla

  15. That pillow is sooooo cute! I really love it and you did such a great job. Glad your hubby is doing well.

  16. This is so beautiful, Kathy! I'm so inspired... I'll use my Joann Fabric coupon to try out that special printable fabric. I love birds and a Nesting Pillow sounds perfect ~ You did such a lovely job. (The pink knit pillow is also sweet.)

  17. Hi Kathy,
    Love, love, love your lil pillow. It is so cute and you did such a great job. also like the sweater pillow too, and your colors, love that coral color. So pretty. I can see you are keeping yourself busy creating, it is like theraphy to me usually!
    So how is Dave coming along?? Well, I hope.
    Glad you liked the Valentine scripture verse,
    but I can't take credit...I saw it on an email and just thought it was so neat it needed to be shared.
    Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day with the family.
    Blessings hon, Nellie

  18. Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by! Not only did I pop over for a visit, I decided this is my kind of place, so I'm following along now.

  19. Brilliant, Kathy! But then I always knew you were! I love your chair too, with the adorable nest next to it.

    Hope things are going as well as can be expected...still thinking about you often!

    Big Hug

  20. Kathy,
    It is so wonderful to meet you...your blog is delightful! Interesting that you had the same incubator as mine. I became a follower so we can stay in touch. Blessings!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  21. I love your "Nest" pillow. It is so soft and homey and beautiful. You are very clever and smart. It is much more special that you made it instead of buying it from a cookie-cutter store. Keep creating...

  22. I love your pillow better than PB's. Something homemade is much more special to me!
    Thanks for sharing,

  23. Oh that turned out so pretty. It's perfect for your home...much better than the PB version.

  24. Love the pillow. I knew you could figure out how to make a "Nest" pillow. Yours is even better than the original. Candy

  25. That pillow is awesome...and would fit sooo well in my home...where did you find the "rose" ribbon trim you used? I love it! Also, is there directions somewhere on how you downloaded fonts, etc? I am new to this craft thing and haven't worked much using the computer for design...I need some help....everything you make ALWAYS turns out are not only very creative...but so talented as well. Blessings.

  26. Kathy,

    It is adorable. Those soft colors are so you. Was it hard to get the print color to match up with the pillow?

    I can't help but notice how nice your workmanship is. The stitching is so nice.

    That sweater pillow is so unique and an absolutely fabulous find.

    Let's us know about the grand baby. Good to hear Dave is doing well.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  27. Kathy, what a beautiful cushion - like you I am a lover of roses. Please pop over a have a look at my pink rosey breakfast tray..

  28. G'mornin', Kathy,
    This pillow is the CUTEST thing, ever. You are so talented. I DO WISH you'd open an Etsy shop!!! :)
    Was wondering...weren't ya'll moving? Did you move or decide to wait awhile? Just wondering about a new house you might be decorating. You sure know how to decorate!! My "Inspiration File" is full of photos of your sweet and beautiful home!! Now I am on the search for a "PIES MAKES EVERYTHING OK"...!! :O)
    Still praying for your Dave!!
    (I have a Dave, son)

  29. Kathy, Your a genius! I loved those PB pillows when I saw them, but just couldn't bring myself to buy them! Yours is so much nicer. You've inspired me to try it! Can you move next door?

  30. Hi Kathy
    Thank you for stopping by today. Your "Nest" pillow is gorgeous (as is your blog)! We love Michigan and were fortunate to live there for a year ~ wonderful memories of such a beautiful spot! Each time we return to visit all those wonderful memories come back ♥
    Congratulations on your fabulous win at the Feathered Nest!

  31. Such a sweet pillow -- thanks for visiting me today! I want you to know that I think of you and your husband every day -- praying for wellbeing as you journey together through his recovery.

  32. Kathy,
    I love this pillow! It is so beautiful!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to leave me a sweet comment.


  33. Dear Kathy, I have just been through a month of your posts and I have to just say that I find each and every one beautiful and inspiring. I am so amazed by your creativity and your positivity. I am so glad to hear that you and your family have banned together to fight Dave's cancer. With all good thoughts, well wishes and prayers coming your way, many wonderful things will come of this trial. Sending warm wishes your way for lots of love and joy! Blessings, Tammy

  34. These pillows are so great Kathy!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  35. All I can say is:
    Eat your heart out PB!!! These are waaaaayyyyy cuter!!!!!!!!

  36. Kathy,
    Your blog is so beautiful! I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for the kind words about our pine floor.

    My thoughts are with you and your sweetheart, Dave, and my earnest prayers are being sent to the Lord.


  37. I actually like yours much better, Kathy! (Who actually spends that kind of money there, I wonder? Not me.)

  38. Kathy, congrats on winning Dawn's giveaway, how exciting for you...i absolutely LOVE your nest pillow...what a stunner, the fabric you used is gorgeous!!!

  39. What a beauty! Love your Nesting pillow! Awesome! Thanks so much for your visit! I've signed as a follower...come visit again when you have a moment!

  40. Your pillows are beautiful! I am a PB/ WmSonoma Outlet junkie..go about once week.
    Yesterday I got a few things....97 cents, that were originally WAY too much!

  41. Kathy ~
    That is the sweetest pillow !! Oh I adore it ~

  42. I hate to be indelicate...but your pillow kicks PB's bahookie!!!! A-dorable!

    m ^..^


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