Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's not how old you are...It's how you feel,,OH WHATEVER!!!!!!!

See this face...
It's the look of .....what? I can't figure out what she's thinking...
She looks unsure of her thoughts....'s like she's questioning..
weither I can really be having another birthday with an "0" in it. An "0" =, zilch , big deal! Right?
Put it after a number like 4- 5- or 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it starts getting pretty puffed up for just an empty old zero!!!!
I'm taking the day off to decide if I'm going to embrace this NEW ZERO...
and another thing....why is it when ever a new zero shows's ALWAYS with a NEW number....larger then the last real number...
Can I get a witness here?
What is up with this...
I'll be fine tomorrow...after the "Abba" concert tonight.
(An attempt to make me smile and embrace the NEW ZERO...)
If you don't know who "Abba" is , your to young to even get this.
If you get've seen a few zero's yourself!
Gotta Love another make you feel like your all that AND a bag of chips!!!
See you tomorrow ...
when I'm officially!


  1. Happy birthday Kathy!!! At least it's not double zeros yet.

  2. Happy 000 and I hope you have many more! In August I'll be 50! Awww! Abba... Lezlee

  3. Kathy I am heading toward a new number myself and it will end with a zero and start with a six...yikes how did this happen? I was but a kid the other day. Hope you enjoy Abba!!

  4. What???are you gonna let a few 0's get to ya..
    you are too young at heart to ever be OLD.
    It's just a number, work with it...
    happy birthday,

  5. A very happy and blessed birthday to you sweet girl! We should think of ourselves as just kinda ageless and maybe good wine? Enjoy Abba and yes I know who they are. xxxxoooo Cathy G

  6. Happy Birthday!!
    I do know who Abba is...and have seen a few 00's too!!

  7. Happy Birthday Kathy!! I know how you feel. I will be 55 this August and wonder how I got here! It seems so old, and yet I feel so young! xxoo

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! The girls is defenitly bored, want to play outside with here friends but instead she had to stay in for the photo...

  9. Happy Birthday Kathy !! wow you are so young !! as you feel yourself..........!!

    Have a great ABBA time.............sure i know who that is............hahahahah!!

    Have a happy funny day ..................hugs from me Ria............xxxxxxx

  10. Happy birthday girl! Love Abba!! oops..showing my zero's!??? have lot's of fun!!

  11. ABBA!!!! I love Abba...their double CD of greatest hits gets me almost up to NY when I drive home to visit. I'm embarrassed to tell you how loudly I play it or how I sing along for 6 hours!! Happy Birthday Beautiful..... ;-)
    Best wishes from a 55 year young friend,

  12. I Remember dancing with a crying baby to
    "Dancing Queen" :) Happy Birthday!!
    ( possibly I will see you there...: )

  13. Happy Birthday Kathy! My husband says that I am not allowed to say we are getting "old"...just older. Times goes way too fast, doesn't it? Age is a privlege that some do not get to experience.....something like that anyway! I did not know that ABBA was touring again? Have fun!~Hugs, Patti

    You look like a Spring Chicken to me!!
    40, 50, 60 or on.............
    it's just a number!!
    Hope you have a fun time at your Abba concert!!
    and that you have a Wonderful birthday,
    blessings, Nellie

  15. Look at it this way - you are getting closer to SS but then maybe it won't be there by the time you get there. Have been thinking of you as knew your birthday was around my Dad's. His is May 10th and he will be 92. The card we got him said, "You may be getting older, but you will never be this young again." Hope your 60th is good to you. I am three years ahead of you and still kicking! You can do it. Be blessed! Love, Joanne PS Thanks for the card.

  16. Happy Birthday!! I would be more worried if you got a card from the queenxxxxxxxxxx

  17. happy birthday, kathy! as mark twain said, "it's better
    than the alternative."

    my grandmother ('nine lives') preached into her 80's!
    that's my goal. . . .and yours, too, i bet.

    blessings on your young life,

  18. I love Abba! Have fun at the concert and embrace that new 0!!! Hope you have a fabulous and fun day!!!

  19. Happy Birthday! I LOVE Abba. Enjoy the concert you lucky duck...and yes, I have seen several of those 0's.

  20. Kathy, Happy Birthday Girlfriend!
    A zero is just that a ZERO.........
    its whats in your heart that matters!
    You are beautiful inside and out so stop fretting the zeros... embrace them!
    I went from a 4 9 to a 5 zero in february and its wonderful!
    Life is good!

    Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers day sweet friend!
    Enjoy the Abba concert!

    Hugz, Dolly

  21. 0's are fine Kathy - it is just a number! Have a wonderful day and celebrate all of your blessings.

    Thank you for always having such a beautiful place to visit here~~~


  22. Happy Birthday Kathy!

    When I turned the big 60, 7 years ago, this summer, it was an exceptionally wonderful summer. Still feeling pretty good, for a little old long as I don't let myself dwell on how fast the big 70 is approaching!!

    Happy Mother's Day, too!:-)

  23. I've seen a few zeros. I celebrated my 60th last year and have to say the past few years have been the best for me. As long as I'm in good health - bring it on! Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

  24. Hi,

    I giggles when I first read your post title. Well, funny enough that most of us ladies are scare or hiding our age.

    Isn't that's only some digits? Who cares with the age. As long as we are happy and healthy, that's all it counts.

    When someone ask me how old I am? I answer: I am ty five" Easy...

    HAPPY BDAY ... of course MOTHER'S DAY TOO.

    Sweden celebrates MD on the 30th of May.

  25. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!!!! I hope you have the most wonderful day ever! And Abba? HOW NEAT IS THAT??!!!! I just love them! Happy Birthday Kathy, sending you hugs from GA, love, Dawn

  26. Happy Birthday, dear friend! Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day and all that jazz!

  27. Happy Birthday beautiful Kathy! I hit an 0 last year and this year the 0 will go away and become a "1"!!!! I'm old.

    My birthday is next Wednesday and I'll be all that and a bag of potato chips too!

    Have fun on your special day.


  28. Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and mother's day!

  29. "Happy Birthday, Kathy. Just enjoy the fact that you are alive & well and every day is a gift anyway, no matter how old you are. I love Abba -I know all their music....oops! did I just age myself or what!!" Hugs, Deb

  30. Am I suppose to feel sorry for you? I left the house this evening to meet my daughter for a quick dinner, before she leaves Sunday on a trip, and walked into a surprise party. Since my birthday isn't until Thurs. I was very surprised! Since you're 5 days older than I am, you let me know if we're embracing or ignoring. I think it's too late for me to ignore it.

  31. Happy Birthday Kathy, I'm on my 4th Zero and love Abba too. Enjoy your birthday and weekend. What a perfect time to celebrate :-)


  32. Happy Birthday Kathy. I'm on my 4th zero and love Abba too. Enjoy your birthday and weekend. What a perfect day to celebrate :-)


  33. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!

  34. Thank you Kathy for putting into words what I have been feeling. I too just had another birthday with a ZERO behind a larger number (4). Probably seems small to you, my elder cousin, but it's significant on this end. Heard you had a great visit with Mom and Dad. Tell Dave I wish him continued wellness. Ginger~

  35. Hope your special day is wonderful!

  36. Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful! I have ABBA envy! Love them! I'm in between 0's... a touch closer to the 5 than the 6, but still moving along!

    Nita Jo

  37. My sentiments exactly... I have a zero coming 'again' next month -
    that's the 6th zero too... not at all impressed...
    I feel, I'm just getting comfortable in my own skin,
    enjoying life knowning a few of lifes tricks,
    enjoying my kids more as friends,
    enjoying the beauty of my partner's long suffering paticence -
    life is good...
    then someone is rude enough to reminds me...
    we are only supposed to have 3 score years & ten...
    Gosh... How in the devil am I going to get all that living I still 'want' to do before the next zero pops around...
    Looks like I'll just 'have' to live a lot longer...
    So Happy Happy Birthday... live a good & 'very' long life...
    It's all in the way you 'decide' to live it...
    And enjoy it...
    Go Girl Go...
    You look to have way too many PLUS' in your life to worry about the zeros...
    just thinking, zero is a hollow number really...
    with no real substance... ha ha
    And if Abba doesn't keep us eternally young...
    I must be living the wrong life... Enjoy...

  38. kathy, be *wild* and add an extra zero to your birthday number!!! then it'll be a fabulous thing! and maybe adding an extra zero or two will that ONE zero in its place...mess with you, huh? yeah, show all the zeros we are not afraid! LOL.

  39. Oh me oh my Kathy, you are NOT? Really OMG. You look fabulous my friend. You are my kind of girl. ABBA yeah baby! LOVE them.
    Happy Mother's Day also. I bet your an awesome mom.
    Love Ya
    Love Claudie

  40. Kathy, So very sorry that I missed out on meeting you. We ended up not going. I drove north early in the day, husband & son to follow shortly with thier new Tractor / toy. They were late, wet & cold (from playing with toy :)I was comfy by the fireplace with my book, nasty night & they talked me into not going. I didn't read the post until just now. If I had read it earlier, I would have gone by myself just to meet you...
    Hoping that you enjoyed the concert & your Birthday.
    (my sweet one surprised me with tickets to Elton John in G.R. recently for my day)

    And I am guessing that you made a stop at "The Store" down the road : )

    Another time.... K.

    ( & ofcourse you would be wearing an "Artsy" Black coat... Just what I would imagine that you would have on : )

  41. I missed this post and your birthday. Happy belated birthday to you! Your blog is so darling. I always enjoy myself when I come for a visit!

  42. Kathy,
    Hope you had a terrific birthday!!! Your smile defies any amount of zeroes you may have in your age. It keeps you forever young in my eyes, not to mention your infectious laugh. You bring alot of joy to those around you.
    Talk to you soon! Sherrie

  43. are so clever! I have stopped sewing...I think about doing it again...and then I remember.
    What lovely things you made. I love the bright cheerful colors! BEAUTIFUL!
    What beautiful babies on your sidebar!! :)


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