Monday, May 10, 2010

PURGING...Purses and roses...oh My!

Well kids...I've been doing a little BLOG purging...
Cleaned up some "cookies"...Waved bye-bye to the Il Divos, ( my music of choice)...
deleated tons of photos...(hours worth!!!!) spruced up my header and spent some learning curve time on the blog...
Feels good ...
like fresh sheets off the line!
So...sorry about the absence of Music here but I think it just slowed everything down...
and for those of you who were secretly wishing I'd bid farwell to it...time to celebrate!!!
Aside from houskeeping...(blog purging), I've been working with a little fabric too...
always happy to share!...
I know your thinking I need to be committed by now...I just needed a pink one...
Probably the last..........................................maybe.

I know your smiling!...Isn't it happy!

Turned up the heat here...

I'm LOVIN the SHABBY latest Addiction...
If you'd like to make some just scroll down a few posts back and there's a tutorial....
for your learning pleasure!!!!!!!!

Let me know if you notice a difference visiting here...
trying to make things move along...smoothly.
Well...that's what happened up-North today...
xoxo ~Kathy


  1. Cleaning up the blog is like cleaning the house. It feels so good! I did a little of that too lately. Yours looks great, but it did before too.

  2. It did load much faster for me! Love the look of your header!!

  3. I love the new look of your blog, Kathy, especially the header. It showcases some of your prettiest spaces and crafts.

    Love the rose brooch on the pretty in style right now! People are paying tons for these cute little flowers buds at Macy's!! I love your purse, too. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! You have been busy! ;-)


  4. I believe your cleaning "blog house" did make an improvement. Your rose blouse with the fabric rose is sew serene. I love love love your pink purse. Such fun! Happy creating...

  5. You did a fab job on the clean up....I love the the tote you have featured...just lovely!
    Bright and cheery.

  6. O Kathy ...your banner is so beautiful......your whole blog is cleaning up !!

    But but.........THAT BAG !!! SO PINK !! SO ME !!! SO BEATIFUL !! SO NICE !!! SO WONDERFUL.............OOOOOOOO i'am going dream tonight....of you !! and your bag ! sleep well ................hugs from Ria

  7. Your new header is beautiful Kathy and that blouse is so pretty!

  8. It did load faster! Those roses are still the prettiest and the purses...well, you know I love them. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!

  9. Hi Kathy
    Well I've never had a problem with your blog, but then I haven't any problems with anybody's blogs. I'm a MAC girl with a Microsoft Eng. of a hubby...put them both together and POOF! genius lol.
    You HAVE to open a little shop Kathy. I'm sure everyone has told you this before, and yes it's a headache, but we are all ohhhhh ing and awww ing at all your "special" "creative" "dynamic" makings. PLEEEEEEEESE
    Love your new look, but then I liked your look before.
    NO MUSIC? well maybe that's my problem too, but I've been putting music on since day one, and silence isn't an option : )
    Love it all and you
    Love Claudie

  10. Kathy, everything is so lovely, as always..
    I envy your talent and your excellent pictures.
    hugs, glenda

  11. Your blog looks great and yes, that purse is happy and made me smile! Lezlee

  12. Great banner and GREAT bag!


  13. Kathy....I LOVE your rose blouse!!! That is beautiful! So soft and feminine and your pink bag is darling! I do think your blog loaded quicker for me this time. Great job!~Hugs, Patti

  14. Hi Kathy:
    Lookin' Good, Girlfriend! I'm thinking of doing the same thing, but just haven't got the gumption right now. I have trouble tearing myself out of the studio to actually do all the work. sigh (Pathetic, right?)
    Have a great week!

  15. smiles......
    your blog loaded much faster.... I love it.


  16. Fabulous photos and great new look, Kathy! You are oozing with talent (but you know that :) We were UP NORTH over the weekend, happy not to blow away in the heavy winds and sideways snow. Obviously, we couldn't put the boats in but, nevertheless, had an amazing time with all my children/grandboys near. (I'm a Mac gal now too so never a problem)

  17. wow! i love the new face lift! is there any bruising
    or swelling?

    your header is adorable, and so are the colorful
    bags. i just love everything you do.

    and guess what? i found a nest of robin's eggs, too.
    they just all hatched!

  18. Love your banner, yes, your moving along more quickly for me as well.
    The purse sure is a cutie!

  19. I have never had any trouble with your blog, but I still love the new look. Your new header looks great!!! Your ruffled pink purse is precious!! It has my name all over it. So cute!!! Hope your hubby is doing well. I know you feel good having done your blog clean-up work. Love & blessings from NC!

  20. Kathy, your new header is just beautiful! I love it! Your blog looks fabulous!

    I have been doing a bit of a clean up too and I have created a new page for my buttons.I hope it makes mine load quickly too!

    Best wishes for a beautiful week,

  21. well dear Kathy - sometimes you just have to do it! I did some blog purging a few weeks ago - was like a catharsis - felt so good afterwards - but oh the dread of doing it!

    Love your sweet pink purse - yes, you needed that one for sure!

    And yes - your beautiful blog does load faster now!

    HOpe you feel so much better now that your "purge" is behind you!


  22. Love your new banner! Especially love the creative roses. Purging gives one a sense of have done a great job!!

  23. Oh, yes. Your blog opened up quick and fast this time. What a beautiful blouse. And your added rose makes it even prettier.

  24. Dear Kathy
    your new header looks adorable and I have to loaded much faster now!
    Love your shabby them!
    Have a lovely week

  25. Hi Kathy,
    Yes, I am smiling and happy. Your bag purse is so cute. I love the ruffles and the colors. And Happy Birthday too! My next "zero" one - still several years off - I will be ancient - well, I hope I reach it. Hubby and I are still in shock we are in our 60s.

  26. Hi there !!! Gorgeous bag!!!! So colourful and its making me smile just looking at it!!! I have noticed that your blog page loads quicker now, which is good because I always look forward to reading your posts!!Have a great weekxxxxxxx

  27. Hi Kathy, It's always nice to visit here, very inviting.

    :-) Suffia.

  28. Great new blog look. Your pink bag is awesome!!!!!

  29. I do believe I notice it quicker:) I love music on my blog but it was slowing me down so I knew it had to be slowing down my visitors...mine went byebye too. Love the roses...I'll have to got learn:)

  30. 'Morning Kathy,
    Love your new look! I'm lovin the table in your header too. As much as I LOVE music, I do find it rather distracting on a blog so I think you've made the right decision for many of us. Love the cheery bag and the roses! Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a beautiful day.


  31. Good Morning Kathy,
    I so love your purse's. You will never have to buy another purse again, just keep on creating them...
    Are you moving too? I adore your home! It's so charming. After I started packing and seeing all the things go into boxes, I commented to Gary that everything looked so bare and that there were just four walls looking back at me. The things and made it our home were now all packed away. The memories that are in this home will also be taken with us, so really all that is left is four walls waiting for the next family to fill. That's why "Home is Where the Heart is" and right now my heart is all packed away..
    I am going to take a week off work to settle things in and unpack.
    Enjoy your week! bug hugs~Elizabeth

  32. Your purses are so have an eye for the coordinating colors and prints. Thanks for showing them and the shabby roses, I am going to try making them.

  33. Love the new header, Kathy, and your site loaded the fastest ever! Good work!

  34. You, my dear, are the most multi-talented, genuine original I have visited for awhile. This is my first time here and I could not stop at one entry. I love what I see and feel through your imagination. Your blouse is luxurious as well as the roses. How wonderful.
    As for those zeros? Let's just say that Abba's albums, that's right, albums, are in my bureau. I as certain as the days are getting longer, that the concert was the best.
    Have a creative week and Bless your oh-so-cute GrandLoves and You

  35. Beautiful blog and love the shabby roses! This is my first visit to your blog :)

  36. I absilutely love your new header!!! And I absolutely LOVE your blog!!!

  37. OOPS! sorry about the typo's on my comment!

  38. The header is FAB!!!! and I love all the colors you use on everything...background, dishes, purses, all!!!!!

  39. Kathy-I noticed the new header immediately and LOVE the new look! I've been doing a little blog spring cleaning myself! I adore that purse--bet you could sell a million!

  40. Hi Kathy!
    Wow, your new look here is just fantastic, I love it! Great job. :-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  41. I loved your blog. I felt so happy here....loved that rose purse...and since I don't know you well....YET!....where did you find it? I love the rose on the blouse too. I love roses....and orphaned silver too....Thank you for the invitation to come and check you out....sorry it took me so long to get here!!!!!

  42. Waw! I love this post! Faboulous creations in the theme of roses!!! Thanks for the tutorial...I was just looking for it! I'll try!

  43. Oh, Kathy, this bag is beautiful! I wish I had your sewing talent! Great job!!!

  44. Kathy
    I love love your fabric treasures and your new blog ~
    it is so clean and easy to read ~ love it !!

  45. Kathy, Kathy, Kathy:) What a pretty bag. I love it! And I love the new header! I didn't notice any difference in the loading of your blog.
    Have a great day.


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