Friday, May 14, 2010

New feathered friends...and an UPDATE...

This evening I will give the "UPDATE" my heart has been wanting to share with you for over 4 months.....

After David was diagnosed in January with stage 4 Liver and colon Cancer...our lives have taken on a whole new momentum of it's own.
Dave has been on regular Chemo treatments with the HOPE that the Chemo would be effective enough to shrink the larger tumors so that Surgery could be done on the liver and then have a section of the colon removed.
Many of you have been traveling this road with us for the last few months and have been invaluable to both of us with your Prayer support and uplifting , positive comments.
Your faithfulness has ment more to us then you will ever come to realize...
Yesterday Dave had the PET scan we've been hoping for and dreading at the same time.
The "Tell all" scan....Did the Chemo work?
Did it shrink the tumors enough to be able to have surgery?
Being a Nurse myself these photos don't phase me....sorry If they make you uncomfortable..
not my intention.
Thought I'd take a shot of the nuclear meds being pumped into his IV...Pretty heavy duty.
If you've never had a PET scan....
Here she is...
simular to an MRI....just bossier.
This girls Way Large and IN Charge!
She picks up everything...
That being said...
We recieved a phone call tonight from our Oncologist as to the PET scan results...
The Chemo did it's job...
All the liver tumors are Indistinguishable!!!!
the two quarter size tumors on the liver are indistinguishable !!!
the colon tumor is indistinguishable !!!
the abdominal spots are indistinguishable !!! (this is my new FAVORITE word!!!!)
All the spots are INACTIVE....(another fabulous word !!!)

In short...the Chemo did in 6 treatments exactly what they and we hoped it would do...
Shrink the tumors so they were indistinguishable on the scan.!
Now we are meeting with the LIVER and COLON surgeons this next week to schedule surgery to remove the portion of the colon that was infected...
and the portions of the liver.
If left alone at this point the cancer would grow it's coming out.
Then 6 more treatments of chemo...
At this point the prognosis is VERY GOOD.
The next 4-6 months will be challening recovering from the surgeries and additional Chemo...
Our hearts are singing Gods praises this evening!
Chemo does not work without the hand of God...we are humbled and in awe of His wonderous ways...
He has been the "God of All Comfort"...
and the "Lord of My Rocking Boat "these last few months...

Again..., we both Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and support .
I pray that somehow each of you have been enriched in some way by witnessing this amazing God we serve.
He loves each and everyone of us like no-other.

While we were so busy rejoicing in our good news a little MIRACLE was taking place in the backyard...
Dave went to check on the beautiful blue eggs and Oh! My!...
He clicked real fast and got out of there so Mama could come keep her new ones warm...
sooooo new...

One more to go...

What a day of rejoicing in NEW BIRTH !...


  1. Dear Kathy, I am ecstatic to hear the good news about your husband, Dave. I know what it means to believe that prayers have much to do with good outcomes. Continued good thoughts to you and yours. hugs, Sue

  2. Great news! I will include you in my prayers.

  3. How fitting to have new life in your back yard! Thanks for sharing TWO miracles. I rejoice with you. I will continue to pray and remember to say my thanks too!

  4. So glad for your hubs and you also. I am sitting her with tears in my eyes. I think your good news and the sweet pictures just did me in. Time to hit the hay. I took a picture really fast last year of a nest of little birds. Little beaks wide open. Such things we do not get to see very often in our lives. Right now I have 14 chicks in a rubbermaid tub waiting to go out to their new home. This is a new venture in our lives and I have to admit I hold as many as I can each day because they like it less and less so I know soon I will not be able to do that so often.

  5. Kathy so very thankful news for you and David. Prayers and positive thoughts are just a part of God's miracles. Thank you for sharing such sweet tiny new bird births. May you continue on the road to full and quick recovery. Blessings.

  6. What wonderful news, and a testament to the power of prayer and hope. Thinking good thoughts about the rest of Dave's treatment.

  7. I am so glad and happy for you having good news, sweetpea! Prayer definitely works. How can you miss with so many praying for you?! Hmmmm, chick?!?!

  8. Dear Kathy and Dave,
    No one is more deserving than you of the good outcome with the Chemo. I am rejoicing with you! I know your positive attitudes and strong faith will encourage others who may be undergoing these difficult health issues. I like the way you are so upfront and show the realities of dealing with the medical things. Thank-you for taking your time and thinking of others while undergoing such stressful times. You will be blessed! May many prayers and healing energies find you today and in the days to come! Cathy G

  9. God is so good. His miracles are wonderful! I like how you said Chemo does not work without the hand of God! I am rejoicing with both of you! Love the 'new birth' in the nest also.

  10. praise the Lord! what wonderful,
    joyful news! i am so very happy
    for both of you.

    now to rest and restoration.

  11. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All around goodness!!! I'm so happy for you and Dave!!! This is the best news ever. You both are still in my prayers~ You're on the home-stretch. Keep up to positive attitudes and thoughts- some of the best medicine!

    Those little birdies are so sweet! (I mean, ugly! NO, I mean really sweet... Aw, you get it!) ;) Let us know when #3 comes around!

  12. Oh, Kathy, such wonderful news and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I will keep your hubby in my prayers. I have never seen baby birds that young before. The miracle of birth right before us. Breath taking photos.

  13. Fab news about your husband Kathy! Prayers continuing! Love those precious baby birds! Can't wait to see them a bit older! (even cuter then I know!!)

  14. Such good news, I'm thrilled for you both! I know there's a long rough road ahead for David, I truly hope and pray he will recover fully.
    Take care, Kathy.
    Laura ♥

  15. What a beautiful post...the wonderful news about your husband, followed by the wonder of new birth.

    Blessings abound.


  16. Oh Kathy, Praise God! I am so glad for your news! I will continue to pray through Daves surgery and additional chemo, but this sounds like a miracle:>) I am so glad!

  17. Oh sweet Kathy and Dave - how I am rejoicing with you!! There is one thing that is anything BUT indistinguishable, and that's God's mighty hand in this! God is so very good!!

    Continued prayers for the challenges (and soon to be victories) ahead - may He continue to bless you in every way and grace you with exactly what you need for each step in this journey!

    Have a glorious weekend!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  18. What wonderful news! I am so happy you shared this miracle with us and how prayers are answered! Blessing to you and your husband. We'll continue to keep you in our prayers.

  19. I am so pleased for you both with some good news and wish you lots and lots of lovexxxxxxx

  20. Thank You ALL , my precious friends...
    This is definately a MOUNTAIN TOP experience for us today...
    Being able to share it with you makes it even sweeter.
    Many Thanks and our Love,

  21. I was SO THRILLED to learn of the positive scans from Becky and Beth's Facebook Pages....our God is an AWESOME God! I am praising Him with you and praying for continued strength and wisdom as the surgery and next treatment approach....our God is SO BIG, so strong, so mighty...there's NOTHING our God cannot do.


  22. All glory goes to our Heavenly Father.
    Such wonderful news, Kathy. Thanks for taking time to tell us. Continued prayers for all of you.
    xo bj

  23. So thrilled with your GREAT news! Those sweet baby birds have a look only a mother could love ♡ Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Kathy and Dave ~
    That is just wonderful wonderful news !! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes of happiness for you !

  25. Kathy...I'm sooooo happy for you & Dave! May you continue to be blessed through the days is a miracle worker isn't it?
    lot's of love,

  26. The Lord has blessed you both in a wondrous way and surrounded you with His miracles, thank you for sharing and elevating my faith this day!

  27. Thank God for the wonderful results...God is so able...he will continue to see you both all the way through this ...thanks for sharing the pictures of the baby birth is just amazing in all God's creations....blessings

  28. Oh Kathy, I have tears in my eyes from this good news. We continue to pray for Dave and you!

  29. YES!!!!!!!!! How wonderful for you both!! God is so great!! Enjoy this blessing and keep sharing your testimony!!!!

  30. Kathy,
    I am so happy for you and Dave. God does wonderful things for us :) Those new little birds are something. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of one moments after birth, except in a book, maybe? Wonderful shot! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Oh Kathy,
    We are sooooooo rejoicing with you, what great news!!! God is just sooooooooo good all the time.
    What a relief I am sure.
    Please keep us updated as to when the next step is to happen so we can continue to pray hon.
    Oh I am just so happy for you guys I could bust!!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  32. Oh Praise The Lord, this is fabulous news. I am so thrilled for you. Yes, we do have a wonderful God and He is so faithful to answer our prayers.
    The new babies are so precious. A great pic.
    God Bless, I will continue the prayers. Hugs, Marty

  33. Dear Kathy, my heart is singing with joy at this news! I am so happy for you and your husband. I know that this healing will continue and that you will be continually blessed.

    How wonderful to see new life as your own lives feel renewed.


  34. Praise the Lord for the answer to prayers. How well I know those CT scans!
    The pictures of the birdies are wonderful!

  35. Praise the Lord for answered prayers!!!!

  36. This is the sun shining through today's rainy day, such wonderful news...I am so happy for you and Dave! You both will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Those little babies are so ugly they are cute, little wisps of down on their scrawny, wrinkled, almost naked bodies...just think, in a short time they will be beautiful...nature is amazing.

  37. Outstanding news! Praise God!!

    - Teresa

  38. AAHHHHH!! I am overjoyed with this news! PRAISE THE LORD! I seriously couldn't be more happy for you and your family. What a glorious thing to be a part of a miracle at the hands of God. xoxo

  39. My first time here but had to comment on your post. I've been there too
    with my husband. Your news sounds wonderful and I will think of you and send prayers your way. Being a nurse yourself doesn't make it any easier, does it ?

    I'm glad I found you.

  40. It's this kind of news that warms my heart! I'm so happy you shared this wonderful news with us; it's so uplifting and prayers do get answered. Kudos to both, of you, and I wish you and yours many, many healthy and happy years ahead. God is good! xxoo
    PS Love the pic of the newbie birdies! Amazing!

  41. Kathy and Dave, when I received the phone call from brother Dave tears just weld up in my eyes, I was with my friends going to a birthday dinner and they were all starring at me know full well who I was on the phone with and I had a cirlce of arms around me because they thought it was bad news, believe me they were tears of joy and in some way a miracle for me, I was almost on the verge of "Why doesn't God hear my prayers?", and BOOM, God shows me his loving heart and hands, I will continue to pray for Dave's recovery and keeping the entire family in my prayers. Love, Donna

  42. Oh Kathy................. Praise God! I am so glad for your news.............give your husband BIG hug from me.....and you too darling !!!!!

    Yay I am so happy! God really checked in miracles see you doing well I think!..........................blessing for you two.....hugs Ria

  43. Kathy, that is such wonderful news. I have been keeping dh in my prayers..
    I can imagine how happy your heart is!
    I will keep praying..

  44. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! So good to hear your news.

  45. Amazing! God is good. So glad for you and your family.

  46. Kathy, On a road trip, I read your post at 3 AM this morning, then tried & tried to post a comment. My phone would not let me, so I read it to my husband (who was driving). We talked & gave Thanks, for you. We are just 4 months on the other side of cancer & can so relate to your elation.
    I believe that the very 1st post I read from Sweet Up North Mornings said something to cancer like "Be afraid, Be very afraid" ...
    Our God is SO much bigger than some cancer cells & I know that He has prepared you your whole life for this fight & for this moment.
    Rejoicing with you.... We will continue to lift you up. K.

    (Sitting at ski lodge in Colorado & looking at your pics ...reminds me how our God is the creator of the awesome mountians & the perfectly delicate baby robins...Thanks for sharing )

  47. I am so happy to hear this wonderful news about your husband! Prayers and positive thoughts have always been with you! Continued good news from here on out!~Hugs, Patti

  48. Wonderful news and so true that we are all in the hands of God. I know this news will make you stronger for what lies ahead. So happy for you and your family. Hugs, Deb

  49. We have a pretty amazing God, don't ya think? He can heal anything and He can give life to anything. I am so thankful for your good news and that God is such a healing God.

  50. I'm just so happy for you I don't know what to say...this is wonderful, marvelous news of the best kind..your faith has made you well...I say you because you and your love are one, and you stood in happy, happy, happy...
    good night,

  51. I haven't blog browsed in a few days - How I remembered it was time for a "Dave" update, I don't know - my guy will testify that I can't ever remember to do laundry. Guess my mind retains what's important. Such fabulous news - I'm so very happy for you both.

    Good heavens those birds need a blanket ;-)

  52. Now that's wonderful great terrific news Kathy! I'm so so happy for the both of you. Enjoy, do enjoy everything!
    Hugs for a great new week. xxooxx

  53. KATHY!!!!! THIS. IS. WONDERFUL!!!!!!! What a precious answer to prayer!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so, so very happy for you all, what a true blessing ~ a true gift from the Lord above. And it's so good your husband can now have the surgery to remove the areas in question, WONDERFUL!!! I'm sending you both big ol' hugs from Georgia Kathy, love to you both, Dawn

  54. First, I'm so, so very happy for your news! I've been so worried about you (and him of course. But I know you.) And those photos of the baby birdies are phenomenal and oh, so sweet!

  55. I am soo glad toread this post, I check every day to see if you had good news, still praying for you and your beloved. Praise God

  56. What wonderful news..Im so happy for both on you...Pat H

  57. Hallelujah, Kathy! I'm praise our mighty god with you this morning! How marvelous and I'll continue to pray the other procedures will continue to complete this ordeal for your husband!
    The little birds are like a sign from God saying 'this is a day'.
    Blessings to you both,
    Shelia ;)

  58. Oh what bountiful blessings!!!!! Love the bird pics. You have also won a journal on my giveaway! YAY!!!!! Please send me your address to elee(at)

  59. Wonderful news!! My Mom is going through radiation now for breast cancer. It's scary stuff. You're right the Lord has his hands in everything! I'm so thankful that your husband and my Mom will be okay!

  60. Inactive. What a wonderful word. It's my new favorite!

    Thanks for following my travels. It's good to be home and to be able to check in with you, and find this wonderful news!

  61. Rejoicing with this excellent news with you! I can only imagine how relieved you must be!

  62. Oh Kathy, what wonderful news!!! I have been on pins and needles waiting for this announcement.

    I've been way to busy (looks like we will be moving after all) to blog or even visit my bloggy friends, but I have been here.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  63. Tht is wonderful news! It's so great to hear good news on the cancer treatment front. Will continue to think of you and your husband often.

  64. Praise God!
    Kathy I am so happy for you and Dave! It has been a long journey...... I am greatful to hear this good news! We just buried 3 loved ones and I am in need of some good news these days!

    Bless you sweetheart!

  65. What a wonderful God we serve....He is faithful and true...I am so happy to hear that the results are in your husbands favor. God can heal and he is proving that with Dave. So may he continue to bless you down this bumpy path and bring joy at the end that is everlasting.
    Blessings always...Tammy

  66. Kathy, we have been gone since Friday celebrating my son-in-law's college graduation, so I am behind on my blog reading. All I can say is praise God for such amazing news!!!! I am so thrilled for you and your husband. All those prayers lifting your husband up have certainly worked. Isn't God good? I know you all are just blown away with excitement and joy. He still has a ways to go with his surgery and additional chemo, but the prognosis is great! I am so happy for you guys. I have had cancer and so has my youngest daughter, so I know exactly what you all are feeling. I want to write you an email and share some things with you. I certainly share in your joy at this time. Will continue to keep your husband in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated. Love & blessings from NC!

  67. Prayers are answered dearest Kathy. I hope that the days ahead will bring continued good news and the opportunity for more healing~~~


  68. So happy for the both of you to receive such joyous news!
    Country Blessings,

  69. New life - that's what this post is all about! New life for your hubby (and you!). And a sneek peak at the new life in the nest. Praising the Lord with you, with smiles and tears, for the wonderful news. Will keep praying through the rest of the process until it all just a memory!

  70. God has surely answered all our prayers. I am so happy for you. Aren't you fortunate to live close enough to GR to have such wonderful medical care? Will continue to pray for more good news.

  71. Hello Kathy,
    Although this is my first visit to your blog, I'd just like to say how happy I am to hear your news! Yay Dave!!! Add me to your growing list of blogging friends sending positive thoughts a prayers for Dave.

  72. Wow, I had no idea what you've been going through! I am so happy for the miracle you have received with the cancer diagnosis. Will be praying that everything else goes as well!
    Loved the images of new life! Rarely do we get to see those fleeting moments!

  73. Yes, we do serve an Awesome God !

    I'm so happy for the Miracle God gave you and Dave. Will keep you both in prayer.

    Awesome photo's of the new birth.

  74. Wonderful news. I have been praying.

  75. What wonderful news for both of you. My husband is a cancer survivor and reading your story brought back so many feelings. All the best to both of you.

  76. Just found your blog. Your husband is a lucky man. His prognosis
    sound very, very good.
    I have enjoyed reading some of it and plan to return to finish.
    Nice job.
    Connie (up north, too)

  77. Oh Kathy! I am rejoicing with you! Isn't God wonderful! I am just now reading this good news and am so happy for you both! Twyla


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me...I am always encouraged by your kind expressions and thoughtful comments....Know that you are loved....xoxo Kathy.