Monday, May 3, 2010


Before I show you the "Flocking".....a few more areas of our shabby porch...
dollar store pastel birds...I laughed...then I bought them. Green beaks????
I'll touch those up the next time I have the paints out...
I fell in love with this old bread bowl....It had a huge chunk out of the side...the man was nice enough to really come down on the price because of it...
Dave patched it ...I like the patch...character!

A basket I made eons ago...Back in the day!!!!

Our old Jelly cupboard...minus the Jelly!

You know how I enjoy PINK...well My neighbors were "FLOCKED" the other day while they were away from home...
If your going to be might as well be with something PINK!!!
How funny is that!

Happy Pink Flamingo Monday!!!


  1. My husband was flocked for his 50th! So funny!
    That bread bowl is absolutely huge...that is amazing!

  2. Love the birds, and the jelly cupboard. The old dough bowl is fantastic. I love the patch too. Now the pink flocking is just the funniest thing ever. How fun. Hope you're having a super day. Hugs, Marty

  3. All of the beautiful things in your home have character! I love the pink flamingos!!


  4. HOW FUNNY IS THE FLOCK! I love flamingos and would love to have all those cute birdies on my front yard! The little birds green beak is funny!

  5. I think your little bird with the green beak wants to join her pink friends... fun!

  6. Hi Kathy!

    WOW, you really made that basket! That's incredible!
    Love your post...and I've never heard of flocking until now.....that is too funny!
    thanks for sharing! made me laugh!!!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. Our Sunday school class had a flock of flamingos and it was always fun to see whose house would get flocked. Our birds even had "clothes and accessories that they wore". It was funny! I love your old wooden dough bowl. Hubby did a great job patching it for you. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. Hi Kathy,
    You always have something good going on over here.
    Love that bread bowl, looks really good on the porch. The little birds are cute and I love your basket.
    Those pink flammingos are too funny. Your neighbors are going to be surprised.


  9. Your posting is wonderful. The pastel colors are so relaxing. Cute beaks! The basket is wonderful.
    Take care!
    Ladybug Creek

  10. Love that primitive bowl Kathy. The basket you made is great! Loving how you are able to mix the roughness of primitive with all the lovely white and softer things! Being "flocked by flamingoes" would really be fun I think! XXOO Cathy G

  11. lots of great pic's. I love pink flamingos, oh please someone flock my yard I'll keep them there all summer lonf lol...


  12. Never heard of being flocked. I did hear of putting flamingos in someones yard, in fact, they did it to one of our new Pastors when they moved here. I thought that would only be a Florida thing since it is Flamingos, who would think they would have that many pink Flamingos in Michigan!! Too funny!
    Like your neat bread board and jelly cabinet, and the cool basket you made, I love that sytle,
    don't they call that an egg gathering basket???
    Hope you had a good Monday,
    Blessings, Nellie

  13. Love the old dough bowl!!
    We flocked our friend when she turned 50. The funny thing is...she really disliked flamingos, but after we showered her yard with them...she now actually collects them. Too funny!

  14. so funny! The term flocked for this is a new one for me. I have a circle of friends and we have done something with flamingos every time one of us has a special event. For example, when my daughter married, they dressed a couple of flamingos up as a bride and groom and put in my front yard.

  15. heehee, flocking?? THat's a new one to me, but I'm already thinking about who I can 'flock' *insert evil laugh* :P

    How funny that your little birdie's beak was painted green!!! What were they thinking?

    Love your whole collection on your porch- it's about time for me to decorate mine, you just got me motivated! (Or, at least a little MORE motivated! lol)

  16. flocking is much more fun than toilet papering!

    i like your bird's green beaks! and you are a
    basket weaver?

  17. Oh My Gosh, I love the flamingos! I've seen a few, but never a whole "flock" too cute!! and the little birds, they are just darling green beaks and all!

  18. How sweet! Wouldn't mind being flocked like that. It shows somebody cares! I love your bread bowl and your jelly cupboard!

  19. Love that flocking thing. I'd never heard of it before.


  20. Wowwww that pink flamingo's !!!...........i love it !!

    I am a pink person too................and what a cute litle birds you have ...and that basket !! you are such a creative prerson Kathy..........

    Blessing and hugs from me.......

  21. Love the porch pictures - more beautiful photos of that fabulous porch!

    The flamingos made me laugh out loud!

  22. I've never seen anyone get 'flocked' how funny!! Love that bread bowl...yum!!

  23. Hi Kathy....My brother and sil used to do that when each of us would leave for vacation. We would come home to find a pink flamingo in the front yard. Not a flock but just one lone bird! lol I love your is so cute!~Hugs, Patti

  24. Those darling birds make for a delicate and lovely touch to your beautiful home! Oh; those flamingos! Great to see - thanks so much for sharing! xxoo

  25. Hi Kathy,
    I have been packing and cleaning. We close escrow next week and have our walk through on Fri. I have been so busy its crazy! I haven't even been able to post.
    Kathy were did you find your adorable sage green coffee mugs? they are lovely! I love your porch and the green floor is to die for, the porch would have sold me too!. I have been shopping for the new house and just found the most adorable vintage 1930's art deco chandelier for over the kitchen table.
    I have never heard of flocking, but I love the idea. In CA it use to be very popular to t.p someone's house, but not so fun to clean it up...
    How's your sweet guy doing, feeling better I hope. Have a great week and big hugs, Elizabeth


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