Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can you guess what this is?????

Had some top notch "Fried Green Tomatoes" here....at Tommy Condon's....have you ate here before?

Where is it?

This amazing tree is called "ANGEL OAK"....

My high school friend Mil....posing with the tree!!!!!

Have fun Guessing!



  1. Well, I think I called this one a few posts back :)
    You are in the Charleston area.. Sullivans Island, Ft. Sumter & Angel Oak ( I have been there:)is on John's Island.
    Isn't it the most lovely place.... We were there a few times...Your pictures make me want to go back.
    Glad that you had a great time on your vacation. Trusting that you are both well...

  2. Hi Kathy and Dave,
    Are you in Charleston, S. Carolina???
    Hope you are having a super great time.
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Jacques had said Georgia from day one..this reminds me of St Augustine's..I have no idea why..

    You guys played well:)

  4. I don't know darling....but i will wish you a happy evening....filled with love..............hugs from me.......

  5. Okay, Kathy- Here are my guesses...

    I think you may have visited either Fort Costillo de San Marcos (sp?) or Fort Metazas in St. Augustine cuz I know you were headed North from the lower part of Florida.

    I'm guessing you were on Sullivan's Island (by the sign) and I think Tommy Condova & the Irish pub is in Charleston? So...I'm betting that's where your friend is standing under the giant oak too.

    Hope you and Dave had a wonderful, wonderful, blessed time together- Hugs, Diana

  6. I swear I think you must be some place in Florida... I think I've seen that tree at the Ringling's Museum. Well, maybe it's near Sarasota... Ok, I know I"m wrong, but I still love your pictures.

  7. Hmmmmm is it Fort Michilimackinac?? It looks familiar, but I haven't been there in years!

  8. I know EXACTLY where you are! You are in my home state, South Carolina. You are in and around the Charleston Area. Sullivan's Island, and I believe I saw Charleston Harbor and Ft. Sumter. Ft. Sumter is where the first shots of the Civil War were fired April 15, 1861. I LOVE my state, and I am SO proud to live here and have the heritage I do. I live in the Upstate. I hope you enjoyed your trip!

  9. Hi Kathy...looks like you and Dave are having a great time! I'm sooo glad. Miss ya.

  10. Hi Kathy! I'm just so not good at this! You're showing some beautiful areas but I don't know where it is!! Have fun though.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I want that tree...hi girlfriend...
    It sounds like you are having a blast, a wonderful time...I'm glad for you, glad someone..LoL can go somewhere...
    Ya know I love ya, thanks for coming by and saying hi...
    blessings to one sweet couple...
    glenda xoxo

  12. You are definitely in the Charleston,SC area. I live about 12 miles from downtown Charleston & never get tired of seeing pictures of my beautiful city! So glad you were able to see so many points of interest.


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