Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Welcome to the game!!!!!! Wow!!!! there were some great guesses on the first post!!!!
When we come to the end of our travels I'll happily explain these posts...in the meantime I'm keeping track of all your guesses.
For TODAY and this POST....this first photo is of a structure in the city we're staying in tonight!
Go ahead!...give it a shot!

Can you name the place we stayed IN?...Below ....Hint, It's a chain ...you've probably stayed there too!

Here are some hints where we dined this evening...these next two photos.

Look Familiar?...

You have a chance for three correct guesses in this post...
The City...
The place we laid our heads....
The place we dined.

When you order water...do you ask for lemon?
I do!

We are having fun!!!!
Thank you all for your Sweet Wishes...
See you tomorrow...
xoxo~Dave and Kathy.


  1. Oh, poop, Kathy! I don't have a clue!! But it looks great and as long as you're having fun - yay! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Always lemon and have no idea where you are. But dinner looked good.

  3. I have no earthly idea where you are -- but I'm glad you're taking us along!

  4. Well, this better be good if you are making us wait an extra while to find out!>) LaQuinta? Something about the colors-it's definitely a chain...Is that lobster? Could that be Lobster? Or is that a close up of big crab? Please do tell! Diana

  5. You are in Atlanta (I drive by that torch often)

    I have no idea where you are staying? so a guess
    Ramada Inn??

    Eating at ?????

  6. I must be really tired or dumb, lol...I have no clue but the food looks great and I rarely think about asking for lemon (I told you....clueless):)
    Have fun!!
    Tina xo

  7. Oh what fun - I love guessing games - even though I am a horrible guesser!!! Is that a Hampton Inn? And yes, I always order lemon with my water. That seafood - looks delish! Where ever you are- where ever you are going - have a great time!

  8. Are you sure you are in Michigan?
    I am thinking possibly the Residence Inn is where you are staying!

    Have fun,
    Hugz, Dolly

  9. I have no idea where you are. Give us some more clues! Yes, I always ask for lemon in my water. (And in my tea.) It's so much better that way!

  10. Just guessing here... : )
    Place, Niagara....
    Hotel, Holiday Inn....
    restaurant...No idea???? but the food looks fabulous! Glad you are having fun!!
    & always lemon or lime in my water

  11. Hi,
    Just found your blog.
    I live in England so I haven't gotten a clue!! Looks great wherever it is and wonderful photos!!

  12. It all look very great !! enjoy you two !! take your time.....relax...eat...and have fun !!! love Ria....

  13. Hi Kathy,

    Looks to me like you are staying here in Atlanta GA. where I live.
    I recognize the 1996 Olympic Torch tower.
    The restaurant I have no idea....Red Lobster?
    Papadeux's? Atlantic Seafood Co.?
    Did you stay at the Comfort Inn??

    Wishing you both a lovely time!!



  14. Atlanta, Marriot hotel chain, Atlanta Fish market (the one with the BIG fish outside). No matter where you are it looks like a great place to eat.

  15. No clue,Kathy..I am just happy you two are enoying yourselves!!

    I have a new blog addy. Back Porch Musings suddenly disappeared yesterday, without notice or fanfare. I moved to Typepad.

    Hope to see you there!:-)

  16. Hey, I got here from Betsy's blog. I would say the city is Atlanta.

  17. Hi Kathy,
    I have no idea where you and Dave are but I'm glad that you are having fun. That's all that matters.

    And yes, I love lemon in my water.


  18. Kathy, I am a pitiful guesser.
    Embassy Suites???

    Have a blast!

    What did you order?

    White Spray Paint

  19. Well, Shoot~ I was sooo sure I had posted here before! I think I asked it if was LaQuinta...
    I think I thought Lobster (would it be the lowly and highly under/over rated RED Lobster)...however I have never seen chefs like that at the old RedLobster....and as for the top thingy- I have NO idea where that is...but hurry up and tell because I am impatient to know things...lol Diana

  20. Ok this is tough, you could be anywhere! My guess is:
    The City... Asheville/Biltmore-NC
    The place we laid our heads....Comfort INN
    The place we dined...Red Lobster(if this is a chain too, but if not then The Lobster Trap.
    Danielle Soares

  21. I'm guessing somewhere on the east coast. Maybe Main or Massschusetts (because of the lobster picture)

  22. Hi Kathy and Dave,
    Are you two in New York and eating at the Red Lobster and staying at a extended stay hotel like maybe a Marriott or Hilton Hotel....
    Inquiring minds need to know! LOL
    I always have lemon in my water while dinning out, but at home I do not.
    Looks like you are having lots of fun!
    Keep safe, Elizabeth

  23. Hi Kathy and Dave,
    I just left you a note, but I don't think it went through. If it did and is just not showing up Sorry!...
    I was thinking your two are in New York, eating dinner at The Red Lobster or The Out Back and staying at a extended stay like maybe at a Marriott or Hilton Hotel....
    Inquiring minds need to know? LOL
    Keep safe, looks like your having a grand time.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  24. It's me again I just saw The Biltmore..Ashville NC?:)

  25. I think you stayed at a Hampton Inn, and ate at Carrabas. I could be wrong, but if the restaurant is correct-great choice. So happy you are spending some special time together. We love you. Kris

  26. I'm just glad you're having fun~ another friday's favorite :-)


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