Monday, September 13, 2010

Where in the World are Dave and Kathy?...Hint #1...

If you just tuned in...we're playing a little traveling game...and your invited to join in.
Matter of fact, we'd LOVE it if you did!... Tonight we'll spend some time in the city that gave me their KEY and CROWN in 1968.
I'll let you know it is in MICHIGAN!!!!!, but that's all I''m saying!!!!!!

Back in the day....people would come from all over to experience the healing properties of
Mineral Spring this town.
When your Queen!!!!! You need to know these things!!!
Also known for their ROSE production, industry.
Where in the World are we?????
xoxo~Kathy and Dave!


  1. The only place I can think of right now is Hot Springs Arkansas! They do have mineral springs there, said to be healing. I don't know about rose production though.:-) Where ever it is...have a wonderful time!

  2. I hope it's somewhere wonderful...are we allowed to use google? lol:)

  3. Only because we went through there this summer...and I remember the Rose information we picked up would I venture to guess....Rose City, MI? How come you got the key to the city there? Where you the Rose Queen? How awesome is that????? Have fun....and I love guessing...Where in the World is Matt Lauer always intrigues me.

  4. Love the old 60's hairdo...I had one just like it! :) You were just as lovely then as you are now, Kathy! And you were crowned queen too! I am impressed and smiling. The closest I got was a homecoming court.
    Now where are you? Battle Creek?? (this is guesswork from an old Michigander!)

  5. You are in Mt Clemens!! That's my guess!!
    Oh and very cute Queen! Love the crown!

  6. I am guessing Grand Rapids....have fun you guys!

  7. After a little searching... : ) Mt Clemens :)

  8. Hi Kathy! I've missed you so much! Okay now, let's see! Were you a beauty pageant winner? I see a tiara and a beautiful young lady!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. G'morn, Kathy ~ You are gorgeous! What a beautiful picture of you ... have a grand time travelling.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  10. A rose queen, huh? That doesn't surprise me...beautiful on the inside and out. Welcome back, you were sure missed! Patty

  11. This southern girl knows NotHing about michigan! I'm just glad to see you are finding some fun.

  12. I don't know where you are but I do know you will have a wonderful time. What fun to be doing a traveling game. I can see why you were crowned Queen as lovely as you are. And that must make Dave the King!!! Safe travels...

  13. I can't play the game because I have all the answers. By the way...thanks for putting your picture up and not Dave's. LOL

  14. I am thinking the only places I know in Michigan with mineral springs is Mt Clemens and Grand Rapids! Mt Clemens is known for their roses too!
    If you are in Mt Clemens you must come visit you are close to our new house! XO

  15. Hi Kathy,
    I've missed you sister girl! Wow, I can't believe that I know a real Queen! Ooh, you haven't changed much at all, you are gorgeous.

    I have no idea where you are. Hot Springs, Virginia or Hot Springs, Arkansas.

    Whereever you are, I hope that you and Dave are having fun.


  16. So good to hear from you again....I have no idea where you are....but I sure hope you're having fun! You were and still are a beautiful lady!

  17. Wow a tiara and key! How exciting is that!
    The only cities I know in Michigan are Flint and Detroit, oh and I had a friend a few years ago who lived in Silver Springs.
    Tina xo

  18. Are you in Rose city Michigan????

    Where ever you are I hope you are having a wonderful time. and my..... you made a beautiful
    prom queen or whatever you represented!!

    Have a blessed day, Nellie

  19. I don't know where ya'll are. But someone is singing ... there she is Miss America. Cute pictures.

  20. Hi Kathy and Dave,
    Are you two in Grand Rapids?. Enjoying!
    Inquiring minds need to know!
    Big, Big hugs Elizabeth

  21. I am guessing Mount Clemens , Michigan.

  22. Ok, After Beth's postings I am up for the challenge. I hope I am not too late for the fun. My guess is Mt. Clemens. The Bath City of America.

  23. Good to see you're back to blogging! And of course, it's Mt Clemens! Love You Bunches, Rhonda S.

  24. Rose City Mi. you two have great time on your trip !

  25. You're in Mt. Clemens!!! Great thrift stores down Gratiot! I'm in Auburn Hills but grew up in Charlevoix; I sure miss the west side of the state.

    Love your blog!



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