Monday, September 20, 2010


Tonight we decided to just make you drool...
In keeping with the "Game"....go ahead and guess where we 're eating.(JUST READ IT!)
After you've read where we're eating tell me where we are in Florida.
1. the establishment...
2. the area...
while your thinking , you can guess what I'm drinking too!....MMmmmmmm.(bonus point).
Who needs a main course when you can order amazing app.s like these...
Portobello, tomatoe, KILLER cheese and balsamic vinegrette over a bed of delicious greens

Brie in caramel and walnuts...served with strawberries and fresh melon along with the house bread!

I KNOW!!!!!!...Fabulous...

Saved a bite for you!....

For those of you who know I'm on W/Watchers....shhhhh!
I needed to keep my strength up!
If that excuse didn't fly...I've got a few more where that one came from!
Just tonight!
What did you have this evening?
xoxo~Dave and Kathy...


  1. Hi Kathy and Dave,
    I am guessing you might be in St. Augustine.
    Your din din sure looks great!! Good thing I already ate or I would be searching the kitchen right now!! lol
    Hope you are having a fabulous time!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill (yes I am drooling over this wonderful food) and you are in the Port Canavaral, Florida area!

  3. Well, Can it really be that easy?? You are in "Fishlips Bar & Grill"
    ("just read it" : )
    In Cape/Port Canaveral Fl. & you are drinking lemonade. AND the food looks absolutely delicious!! Shoot.. diet - shmiet..who cares??
    Trusting that you both are having a FABULOUS TIME!!!!
    (Then are you headed to Savannah or Charleston?? )

  4. Nothing that looks as good as what you're having! That's for sure. I'm going to guess gulf coast -- Naples maybe? Drinking a whisky sour?

  5. Tuna fish sandwiches. Hey, fish! We were a little coastal come on!

  6. Well, the jig is up and you have given yourself away now! Fishlips indeed...What's that old saying? Loose lips sink ships? And.... at Fishlips you tried to give us the slip? You thought we would never figure that out, didn't you? hmmmpff. we are soooo smart~ Oh...make sure to visit St. Augustine. It is on my favorite cities in the world! Make sure you walk through the old historical section. It is gorgeous.

    Hope you are having a wonderful and memorable, sweet time! Hugs- Diana

  7. Oh Shoot! I lost my post! I hate when that happens! Anyway I said...(this is the shortened version)...Make sure that you walk the historical section in old St Augustine. It is lovely and so full of history! I'd say Fishlips! lol Hugs and blessings- Diana

  8. I do not know where you are but I do know you are eating quite well and having a wonderful time! Safe travels...

  9. I love the name of that restaurant... Fishlips! That is cute. Glad you all are having a wonderful time on your trip. And the food looks divine. The brie looks amazing! I love to eat and try new things. Enjoy!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Not sure where, but it looks like you're having fun and eating good too.


  11. Hi Kathy....Well, I was wrong about not being in Florida and now I have no idea where you are eating at or in which town. I have never heard of "Fishlips" but that is where everyone seems to think you are at. I Have been to St. Augustine several times too! Hmmm....well just enjoy yourselves and have the BEST time!~Hugs, Patti

  12. I loved St Augustines.. hopped on a broken toe..never heard of that resto but the food looks divine..Enjoy every moment!

  13. Hi Kathy and Dave,
    Fishlips Waterfront Bar&Grill in Cape Canaveral Fl.
    You are drinking voka and orange juice. Looks really good!
    I love the pic of your toes in the sand...
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  14. the diet starts when you get home sweets!
    That food is making me hungry!

    Enjoy yourselves.......
    Hugz, Dolly

  15. Yammie...that looks so eat Pizza tonight .........i am just out of work and very lazy......enjoy your trip love love Ria...

  16. Not fair, Kathy, I would have guessed that last one! I better keep up with you a little better!

    Now this one is easy....Fishlips gave it away! Canaveral, of course.

  17. I truly believe you are in St. Augustine....headed up the coast to Savannah and Charleston.....and when you get to sure to eat She Crab soup at Tommy condon's Irish pub, or Poogans is to die for. If you like wings and a raucus place...go to wild Wing Cafe.

  18. Hi Kathy and Dave,

    Yep Fishlips...Port Canavaral Fl.
    Your drink ummmm a Frozen Daiquiri?

    Wishing you both a wonderful time...mmm
    ok you already are!! Can we come too??

    Love and Hugs,


  19. That looks amazing! We had garden tomatoes, home made pesto, foccacio, olive oil and thick sliced pepper bacon for supper.

  20. Hi Kathy, I have no idea where you are but I surely wish I were there too!!!
    So glad you are off having a wonderful time with your man.

  21. I'm late to the game...had no idea this was all going on...and have no idea at all where you are, where you've been or where you're going...but it sure looks like you are eating well and having fun in the sun..:))
    Way to go, Dave and Kathy...ya'll ROCK !!


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