Saturday, September 18, 2010


Good evening blogland!...
Okay...I'll give you this one!
FLORIDA IT IS!!!!!!...
In a later post I'll get specific as to this location and give you a peek inside this sweet place we're staying in...As for today....
the surfers were out by the droves.....mongo waves!!!!!!
tomorrow the word is 12 ft. and better due to Igor stirring up things way out there!
I loved every minute on the beach today...walked for miles and picked up gifts from the sea all afternoon!
Took the camera for a walk today....this is a shot of sand and sea before the wave rolled over...

Mother Nature's hanywork after the ocean brushed the sand with her waves... and painted us this picture...
and I bet she's never even had a lesson!

A beautiful sun kissed day...a wild ocean...with sand in our toes....heaven.

Vacation activities...
I've never read Danielle Steel before...Sorry if your a fan...not my cup of tea.
The title sucked me in..."THE COTTAGE" and I found it at the GW, and thought ...I'll give her a try for a couple dollars.
Oh well, we can't pick a winner all the time!
Enough said.

My man's the Civil War buff......( a hint as to where we're headed next week!!!!)

So today there's not much to guess....BUT TOMORROW THERE WILL BE!

Hope your having fun!
We are!
xoxo~Dave and Kathy.


  1. Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time together. Sorry, but I am behind on my blog reading. We just had carpet put in our whole upstairs and things have been a bit crazy around here trying to get ready to have that done. Loved your beautiful pictures. I see Nicholas Sparks in your stack. I love his books!!! And your knitting looks pretty. I enjoy knitting so much. Have fun! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Okay- I'm thinking East Coast of Florida...because of the wave action. I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale (back when it was cool to live there-lol) and then later in Palm Beach Gardens/West Palm Beach.

    Hmmm....well...I am anxious to hear where you landed. How far North are you following the Civil War? Have you ever been to Gettysburg? (close to where I grew up) It has some of the most awesome battlegrounds you will ever see. You can hear the "ghosts" of the past there oft-times in the still of the day.

    Well, the witching hour is upon me and this old bat has to work tomorrow..which makes me wonder what in the devil I am doing up at this hour when I have to be up at 5:30...yeah...sleep in for me a bit, will ya? Hugs to you both- Diana

  3. I love FLORIDA! Have loads of fun on your trip...I'm enjoying your beautiful photos.

  4. Happy sunday...enjoy your trip sweathearts!! i 'will thinking of you two......when i am at work.....hahahhha!! love love love Ria....

  5. Jacques says you're going to Georgia:) I love Florida..Your books the knitting..the pics.. the feet:)

    THis is such a cute series of posts.

    Did you bring your sewing machine:)?x

  6. Florida this time of yer is magical! Enjoy!!

  7. Happy to hear you are having fun! I LOVE the beach!


  8. There is something so healing about the sand and the ocean and the waves. Super happy you and Dave are enjoying your adventure. Civil War next...hmmm...
    Safe travels.

  9. Hi Kathy:
    You must be on the east coast with the weather heading toward Bermuda. We got back home to our west coast home yesterday after a week in VA. So wonderful to be back home, and now the weather has changed so it's not so hot. Hope you're having a wonderful vacation! Your sand photos are stunning!

  10. Hi Kathy!
    I just love the picture of your toes! It speaks so much of two people in love and sharing life. I am so glad that you are having a great time. The beach is a lovely place to be.


  11. I love the ocean, didn't make it there this summer. Maybe this fall. It's not far away from me.... Have a wonderful vacation!

  12. I am so very glad that you two are enjoying yourselves. What lovely designs nature leaves us behind- that pic of the sand and the design left by the waves is so cool. I'll be in Florida in a few weeks- looking forward to it.
    hugs, Sue

  13. So because you said 12 ft waves due to are on the Atlantic side...and for some reason...I am thinking around St. Augustine area. I have surfed the Atlantic coastline many times...and the Civil war buff...I would guess favorite place. If you do go sure and see the Hunley exhibit. My husband is a huge Civil War buff as well. Have a wonderful time!


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