Monday, September 27, 2010

GAME RESULTS....and a last chance to win...

A quick post to let you know we're home again where fall is in full swing in Michigan!
Here are the answers to the "Travel Game" so far....
The first night we stayed in Mt. Clemens!!!!
Yes, I was Miss Mt. Clemens in 1968-69....LONG time ago!!!!!!!!!
Stayed at the Hampton Inn,
Ate at Ruby Tuesdays.

Dinner was at Fish Lips in Port Canaveral ,Florida...drink was a "Rita"
Paradise Beach Club Resort...Satellite Beach, Florida
Gorgeous sunrises off the balcony in Satellite Beach...

Perfect weather.....perfect get-away...

Tomorrow will post the tie-breaker for the game....
One last chance to come in on top.
I'll post our last leg of the trip and see how you do!
Happy fall Y'all!


  1. Wlcome home my sweet darling Kathy ..........enjoy you day love love Ria......hugs and love for Dave tooo of course !!

  2. We just got our first cool down in Texas this week. Wish I could see some fall foliage.

  3. Did you drive through Algonac? It's where I was born and raised!
    Welcome back, Kathy!

  4. Kathy,
    Glad to see you made it home safely. We stayed in Satelitte Beach one time. I love Florida. We go almost every year. I am sure Michigan is very "fally" right now! We are just truly beginning fall here in Illinois. This weekend the low will be 39, so it is here!

  5. WElcome Home, Kathy! I am thrilled that you had such a wonderful perfect getaway! You and Dave deserve it!~Hugs, Patti

  6. Welcome home -- so glad that you and your beloved had this chance to take a wonderful vacation -- beautiful pictures!

  7. I always love the beach..always!Thanks for sharing your trip with usxx

  8. Welcome home. I have spent many happy childhood days at Satellite uncle and aunt lived there...learned to surf at that beach before a hurricane. Hope you all had fun. I love trip like that!

  9. Kathy - You captured the essence of sunrise just perfectly in those photos. Is that balcony not just the best place in the world to be in the early morning? I am so glad that you had a wonderful time - your photos and stories are both amazing and precious. Thanks for sharing them all~~


  10. You are such a tease- And...I suppose the winner gets to wash all the laundry from your trip when you get home?!?! Hugs- Diana

  11. Is that an offer Nana Diana?...Lol
    Barb!, we didn't go through Algonac this time but I've spent many days there growing up!

    Stillmagnolia!, those waves are amazing with a hurricane off shore...Love the ocean!

    Vicki !...Much love and Thank You's sent your way.
    We will always remember our stay at your special ocean home!!!!
    Love you all.


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