Thursday, June 11, 2009

Living room details...

Enjoy your day my friends...xoxo~Kathy


  1. Gorgeous! Love all the close-up detail...really feels like I'm there in the room! :-) I'll just curl up here in this pretty wicker chair with this great book. Oh, could you light a candle for me? Yep, everything is just perfect! Susan

  2. HI Kathy !
    Love those candle sticks....did you embroider the pillow and quilt the quilt ??? Love them :o)
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. Yes I did Kammy...The pillow I did about 15 years ago and the quilt about 8 years ago...Fun, Thanks for asking, xoxo~Kathy

  4. Oh, Kathy ~ The pics are exquisite, the detail & placements are wonderful. TY for sharing.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Oh what beautiful pictures! I love those fabrics -- and just want to snuggle into that chair with a good book. Very welcoming!

    I'm feeling much more cheerful today; my daughter is safely back in CA, so I'm glad of that. Things change, and I still have my dog and my husband to amuse me!


  6. Hi Kathy, thanks for dropping by my blog for a visit. New Moon is really a good book, I've read all four books and I'm looking forward to the New Moon movie in November. If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog, You can see the movie trailer :O) Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

  7. Kathy..your room is beautiful. So warm, calming and a place to just want to curl up in with a great book and a cup of tea! Your candlesticks are pretty and the lighting just perfect! Huggy Hugs!

  8. Cute canleholders. I love how you put two together! Perfect!


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