Monday, June 22, 2009

Poppins was Magnificent...Two thumbs Up!!!

"Poppins" was a BIG HIT, we all had a great time...The girls watched the origional version the evening before we left so we could compare after the Broadway performance...there was a lot of fun conversation afterwards...I will post the "Poppins" tablescape on thursday!!!!
We also hit the Magnificent miles, American Girl Store, Nordstroms, The Handcock Building, Garretts popcorn and The Grand Lux for the most amazing lunch ever....We did some walking so the girls could experience all sides of big city life...their little eyes grew large at some of the sites you only see in the city! Good life experience conversations...Hope all the fathers in your lives had a great day, big hug to ours for sacrificing his and taking us to "Poppins"... xoxo~Kathy Found a new door to share below...

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