Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. Wonderful and Our Becky run A Marathon and 1/2...Thank You Charlevoix for sponsoring the 3rd annual Run.

There he is ....Pointing the way to his very first "Half Marathon", 13.1 miles....
And Becky adjusting her GPS runners watch... Ready set .....get ready to sweat!
Here's my man...seconds after his run.... What a guy!!!!!

That's our girl, completing her first FULL Marathon... and she's SMILING!!!! Out of all
the runners, approx. 800, we couldn't believe her number was #1!!!! She had a lot of fun with that!!!....Yeah! Becky!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!!!

and...Surprise, Surprise....Look who took 2nd place in his age level...Mr Wonderful!!

Way to sweat baby!!!!!,


  1. Congrats to both. My son runs marathons several times a year & it is great fun following him in the travels. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Kathy, you must just be bursting with pride~ I can tell you are just by the way you wrote!! Bravo to both of your sweeties!!


  3. Hi Kathy, congratulations to both the winners!!!!! How exciting. Love your pictures.


  4. congratulations !!!!! to hubby and your daughter...that is a big sons girlfriend runs marathons.....we have been her cheerleader quite a few times....

  5. Kathy,
    Good for them! I hope to visit your neck of the woods this fall.

  6. Oh boy, running is SO addicting. DD#1 is a runner. Her goal is to run a marathon (or at least 1/2) in every state in the union. We've been to 5 states so far, and are going to the Chicago Marathon in October. I'm her #1 fan, and enjoying making the trips with her. Give those runners my best and let them know - I feel their pain!!! Ha!

  7. Wow!!! Re both of them~ What an accomplishment!


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