Monday, June 8, 2009

Well......I took the jump and we're up and running with the NEW LARGE PHOTO format....
What do you think? Personally, for me, the bigger the better! I am still a fan of music and always will be so I'm sure it will always be a fixture on this blog....If you find it annoying please feel free to turn it off while visiting. Should also change my Title to SWEET UP-NORTH MORNINGS...THE POLKA DOT BLOG. Hello!!!! They're on the furniture, the jewelry, dishes and now the blog background!!! You've got to love a good POLKA DOT...or 2, or 10, or 1,000,000,ooooooooo....WELCOME MY FRIENDS, xoxo~Kathy.


  1. I just thought you had the measles:)

  2. Ohhh..Kathy...I want big photo's but I am afraid. I have heard that you can lose your blog...did you go to minima stretch?...and if so...geez...I mean what if I lose my bloggy's new dress? :)
    Ah well. I grinned when I read how much you like garage sales...and ...I had to laugh at the "grown up" picture statement. Mine is always a shocker..being gray just a year since the other was HARD on my little brain! The one I post was taken only about 15 months ago. My good grief, gray does age you!
    Maybe I will stay with the old pic. after all.
    Oh..and those polka dotties...HOW I love them!

  3. OH!! I LOVE this look w/the bigger everything. Yep, it's probably b/c I'm older, but my fav' blogs are ones w/lovely pics, such as yours, so this is perfect. I will rarely click on a pic to make it bigger even if I want to see more detail, so now I'll get to easily view your beauties up close.

  4. Kathy, I love polka dots, too - they are so cheerful! I'm too chicken to enlarge my blog pics, but I like what you've done. Also, that is a pretty redo on the bench in the previous blog. Linda


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