Saturday, January 9, 2010


I batted my eyes and put on my most seductive smile and said..."Honey...Let's go for a ride to Ikea". Now that's no short drive from our neck of the woods... a good 3-3 1/2 hrs.
We decided to pack a lunch and go off on an Ikea adventure... (the eye batting and smiling worked!)
I have been there once...this was my mans first time....HE WAS IMPRESSED...
We spent 4 hours in the organizational paradise...and had a marvelous lunch there to boot!
These little jars...when I saw them I knew they could perk up the spice cupboard...
There is such a plethora of organizational equipment could go crazy...
Herbs de Provence.... lovely...always reaching for the Herbs de Provence...

Fun labels... (Kathy)...not Ikea...

This little kitchen bar with attachable containers...I could use a ton of these...Thanks IKEA...
Just a few of my purchases...
Ikea= making my life a little more organized... xoxo~Kathy.
How are you doing with the January clean-up?


  1. Oh Kathy Sweetie...
    I love your organizational skills with this IKEA trip. How very lovely they look. I love the little bottles and what a marvelous job you did with the labels. They are just so quaint and country. I love them. Thank you for sharing them.

    You know we have an IKEA store here in the valley and I have never been inside. One of these days I am going to have to go check them out, and see if they can organize me.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with me. It may inspire me to check it out.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. Love, love IKEA! Where is the nearest one in your neck of the woods? Is it all the south in the Detroit area?


  3. You even bring Romance to Ikea..I love Ikea..but the store is not romantic:) I am pining for 2 white Ektorp loveseats:) I've been pining for years..Very cute post Kathy..It is a great place..We drive 3- 31/2 hrs for the Christmas Tree Shop in Vermont:) We make a day of it too..pack a lunch eat in the car:)

    Have a wonderful day..I just went snowshoeing,,I loved it!

  4. Wow! I've seen those little jars at Ikea but never made the purchase. I love the labels. It looks adorable.

    I'm still putting away Christmas. But I'm doing it slow so that the organization I put into the Christmas decorations about 3 years ago, lasts. I label boxes by color - red santas, etc.; gold trees and reindeer; lavendar angels, etc. It has worked out well. I don't put everything up every year as I have way too much, but it really helps when I'm decorating other people's spaces.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. i so love ikea... maybe that can be our monday trip!!
    i need those attachable containers!!!
    i love the spice jars too!
    ikea really dos make living easier... ours is 2 hours away but so worth the trip!

  6. I'm talking about it more than I'm getting things done, that's how I'm doing! You're already such an organized person, Kathy. I could sure learn a thing or two from you. I've never been in an IKEA. Guess I'd better plan a 90 mile trip to Dallas soon.

  7. I'm taking baby steps...speaking of which, how is your ankle feeling? Hope you're taking it easy enough for it heal:>)

  8. Our Ikea is a big trip too. I really love the little spice jars and the labels are great. I LOVE Herb de Provence. Don't know how I lived without it!

  9. Nice purchases! In Oct we visited the Ikea in Minneapolis...about an 9 hour drive for us..but we combined it with a holiday. We bought a few neat things too...nice file boxes for my old magazines, a bookcase with doors for my overstock of dishes, etc., and of course sparkling pear juice, our favorite!
    Next year, Ikea is coming here to Winnipeg, so hopefully I'll get more organizing stuff, oh delight!

  10. Oh so pretty and very organized! I love the jars and the labels too! My spring project is to be more organized! Great post! Sonia

  11. Hi Kathy,
    I spent all day cleaning our family room - taking all the decorations out and giving it a good cleaning. One down and three to go. I'm moving slower than I use to but then I don't have to go back to work on Monday! Life is Good when you are RETIRED! I just love your blog and I really appreciate your visiting my little old blog.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  12. Ikea is fun!! I don't know if I would drive 3 hours to go to one though! lol!! Love the things you bought~your labels look So French!! ;-)

    I wish I could say I was on to some general January clean~up but I am still working slowly at my Christmas decor takedown!! I am trying to be super organized this year so I can begin decorating next year is some sort of orderly fashion!! I thought I was an organized person but I am starting to have my doubts...


  13. My daughter and I were just talking about Ikea this morning. My daughter just found out they have child care while you shop and there's a Starbuck's there to boot. It's a long drive for us too, but I think it just might be worth the trip! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Love your little spice containers. Your blog is very very pretty and I truly enjoyed my visit. Love your decorating skills.

  15. I could bat my eyes to heck and back and it wouldn't fizz on Dick enough to ever get him to drive to Ikea and it's only 1, 1/2 hrs away! I must admit he did take me the first time, back when we were courting! Now that we're an old couple.... well, you know. They have organization down pat, for sure! I love to look there.

  16. Fun, fun! We have a new one about 90 minutes from me. I've been twice and really need to go again soon!

  17. Hi sweet Kathy! As much as I love all things old...I LOVE IKEA!! I bought those same little jars, what a deal, huh??? 3.49 for four or so??? I love them....they are in the studio just waiting to be filled with trinkets ~ wishing you a wonderful Sunday dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  18. Kathy, I love it that batting your eyes still works for you and your DH. It works for us too...

    When we first moved to Belgium we only planned to stay for 2 years, so instead of shipping my grandparents' antiques we just bought our furniture from IKEA. It was a blast! We felt like college kids. Once we decided to stay it was too late to bring our 'real' furniture without paying import duty on it, so we gave it to my sister and started buying nice pieces here.

    Our IKEA is only about 45 minutes away, so I can go more often--and I can save batting my eyes for other things--and I love to take advantage of their stuff.

    I have those same jars! And some pans and some towels and ... and ... and ...

    Lovely post.

  19. Oh ... this beautiful collection would certainly add 'a little spice' to anyone's cooking!

    I've heard so much about IKEA... wish we had one here in upstate, NY.
    Don't know why they haven't come yet?

    Inspirational Organization~ Thank you, Kathy!

    Happy Sunday to you ~ Maria

  20. I drove my son and daughter-in-law to the IKEA in Dallas yesterday. A three hour drive from Shreveport. We were there four hours. It was my dil's first time and so now she is hooked too. They were able to get so many great things for their new home. It's our favorite place. Love everything about it. Simple, affordable, practical -- they know how to do it.

  21. I saw these bottle too but didn't get any.. I should.. put spices and things in Mason jars and it works for now.


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