Sunday, January 3, 2010


We are off to a great start in this new Year!....
Thought the hubs and I would paint a wall in the living room that flows into the kitchen a creamy white....deleating the pink and yellow for a change and to soften the room up...
Great idea...We were not 10 minutes into it and I stepped off the ladder and tore the achilles tendon in my leg!.... SERIOUSLY....What a way to start the day!!!
Eventually...SLOWLY, (and neither of us do anything slowly...The room was finished...Thanks to the Hubs.
My son the Chiropractor says at least two weeks before the pain will be gone...TWO WEEKS!
You might as well hang me from the ceiling like this little one!!!
I don't do STILL...I don't know HOW to do STILL..
Here's the creamy white wall....Not sure it was worth it at this point!...

and Dave moved the fireplace over to the new white wall...where I should be I think...
WELL, I'll be off my feet for a while...SOOOOOOO

I'm expecting you all to double post everyday...To give me something to do!!!!!! LOL!
BE CAREFUL STEPPING OFF LADDERS!....( I never thought I'd be saying that.)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your mishap with the ladder. If it's any consolation to you, the white wall looks just beautiful and I love how it looks with the other walls. I would never think to paint my walls different colors, but it definitely works.
    Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Wellllll, sugah, I LOOOOOOVE it! Squeeeeeal....Truly, that's much better. Sit down, girl. I understand the need to create and decorate, but that leg will NOT heal unless you do, chick....

  3. Oh no Kathy, well do as your told and get off those feet!!! The wall looks nice but what a price. Take care and enjoy reading blogs!

  4. Good Morning Kathy...Ouch girl...that's terrible...keep your feet up and don't wait on me to double post ha ha!! May you get some rest read a good book and eat Chocolate...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Ooooh, that sounds painful! Two weeks is not so bad. It's taken me almost three years to recover from a broken ankle. I love what you've done in your livingroom. I've been seeing light colors, especially various shades of white, coming back in vogue and I like it! Get well soon! Happy New Year!

  6. Sorry about your leg, Kathy. Ouch! Hope you have a fast reccovery. The wall is gorgeous and so is the fireplace there...Christine

  7. So sorry to hear you hurt yourself that way. Take care now and will be looking forward to the two posts a day. The way turned out beautiful and your home is lovely. I love the soft colors.

  8. G'morn, Kathy ~
    OUCH!!! Been there & oh is it painful, but even moreso it is awful being incapacitated. Take good care of yourself to heal quickly, sweet friend.

    Love the walls & the decor ... you have such a special knack/touch, Kathy.

    I will be in & out of communication for the next couple of weeks, starting tomorrow.

    Happy New Year ... Have a beautiful day.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  9. Hi Kathy,
    Oh, your home is beautiful! I love the white wall BUT I also like the green and yellow walls too! You have a winker chair too. I have a pair handed down from my paternal grandparents to my Mom and then to me. That white Christmas tree is lovely! Is it a feather tree? Any time you want to post more photos please do then I can drool some more. This week I will start to put away my Christmas decorations. I would like to have my carpets cleaned - it is time. Thanks so much for following my blog - you are one of my special friends!


    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  10. Oh wow, that really is painful and I am so sorry for the accident. I hope the pain goes away really soon. I love the white wall. I have been thinking of changing all the beige walls in my LR/DR to white for a brighter look. I am really in love with white all of a sudden. Hope you are better soon. Hugs, Marty

  11. Oh no! Take care of yourself!! Everything looks great on a brighter note:)

    I was just worried about something like this holding the ladder outside while my husband shovels part of the roof..:( WE have so much snow so early this year..Oy..

    Can you at least sit and craft?:) I hope so!!

  12. Thank You all for your caring remarks...I'll be just fine soon I'm sure.
    I can sit and craft and do some things that don't require a lot of movement...
    Something I'm just not used to.
    Patience is a virtue...they say...Ugh!
    Have a wonderful Sunday dear ones, xoxo~Kathy.

  13. Oh Kathy I am so sorry to hear about your tumble..... Owie!
    Take care of yourself.... and get better quick!

    You know we are all here to keep you compnay while recouperating!
    Love the new wall!
    Looks wonderful!!!!

    Warm Hugz, Dolly

  14. I hope you recover quickly. I just strained my achilles tendon and boy did it hurt. Be sure to take it easy!

  15. Hope you are better soon, Kathy!!

    The wall and room are beautiful!

  16. So sorry to hear this Kathy. It's a great time to catch up on your reading and movie watching. Wishing you a speedy recovery. :)

  17. OUCH! EEEk. That hurts. Owie. Yow. Ew. So now you have to learn to enjoy doing things that let you stay still. Calm, grasshopper. The way will be clear. This will give you a chance to READ, eh? And knit... probably not cook, though. Pooh.

  18. Ouch! That must hurt! How wonderful to have a son that's a chiropractor! For me the only thing better would be a son that's a veterinarian!

    Room looks sweet! What are all those colorful square things under your tv? Are they quilts?

    Wishing you a quick recovery and a fabulous 2010!

  19. The room looks gorgeous Kathy!!!!! I'm just so sorry about your leg...maybe it will heal quicker than two weeks...take it easy, now you can read all of those wonderful magazines and books! hugs and love, Dawn (and thank you for the camera info!)

  20. Love the color ohhh yes I do!!
    I hope you stay off your feet and relax or else it will take longer ( been there done that)
    Take care

  21. Oh goodness! I am so sorry to hear about your achilles tendon! Not fun at all. I know what you mean, I don't do still well at all, either. Stock up on magazines, books, great DVD's and have everyone wait on you.


  22. Oh you poor dear! The things we suffer through for our decorating! The walll does look beautiful, and I know just how hard it will be for you to sit still. Maybe yu can plan the next project or make some pretty spring jewelry?

  23. Hope you're better soon! I'm glad to post today because sometimes this comment box only on your page won't load? I try to reload and refresh, but a lot of your posts won't display the comment box. Just glad to let you know, I've been waiting all week for one to open up.

  24. Oh my! So sorry for your accident -- sounds like you need to keep both feet planted on the floor for awhile -- no more mountain climbing for you!

  25. Kathy -
    You poor thing...I can't believe you got your wall done - that hubby is a gem !
    I thought your fireplace was real, LOL ! I had to read twice that you MOVED it...hee hee !
    I just adore that candle arrangement !
    Happy New Year !

  26. Take comfort that a it was not a complete tear- you would have faced surgery and a much longer recovery time! Stay off your foot and use your crutches. I had this same injury and I still have occasional issues with my achilles, even after 10 years. Lots of PT and stretching helps once you heal. Needless to say, I no longer teach high impact aerobics! Ouch.
    Get better, toots!
    p.s. I like your faux fireplace.
    hugs, Sue

  27. The wall looks wonderful, what a charming room you have created!! Do take care of your self, I don't do still very well either!!!

  28. Ouch, ouch..double ouch! An achilles tendon can be extremely painful. I am so sorry...I hope you are back in gear soon.

  29. Ohhhhhh! What a way to start the year! At least you didn't have to go to the hospital. Last year almost a year ago this week for my bday I got an ambulance ride because my back locked up! Poor hubby he didn't know what to do! At least you have a chiropractor in the family to look out for you. Two weeks, yuck! I can't sit still either unless it is for a few minutes while I look at blogs. The color looks great by the way! Hope you mend soon!
    Take Care!


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