Friday, January 8, 2010


Found these cut little scrolled tree ornaments in Gaylord at the "Spud Warehouse" favorite place...After Christmas sale...Thought I could do something with them...

Some used buttons....ribbon ...a cute word ...

Been waiting for these bottle brush wreaths to hit the 1/2 off ...
found them the same day at Big Lots....The last two!!!!!-Perfect....

I like this marriage...
sorry....I'm still on a Christmas roll....but I'm thinking about dismanteling...
maybe I'll start today.....or....maybe not.
It's Friday, Have a great weekend...xoxo~Kathy.


  1. Kathy- You are not behind...just getting an early start on next Christmas! You are smart to take advantage of the sales. I love those curtains and that window!

  2. Good Morning Kathy...Just darling girl...and I hope you also have a great weekend my friend...keep your foot up and eat truffles...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Kathy, thank you for stopping have such a beautiful blog and home! Love all your pastels! What a find - that christmas tree and wreath - so pretty! AND half-price, what a deal! I'll be coming back soon! Have a great week,

  4. I am slow this year too, putting up and taking down. I love your philosophy!


  5. Very pretty...and good deals too, how can you go wrong! :)


  6. I so like your little treasures, Kathy. You have superb taste and a real eye for photographing them.

  7. You have been so creative and so nice in sharing all your ideas with us:) Just lovely Kathy!!

  8. I love this marriage. And I wish I could have scored some of those bottle brush wreaths from Big Lots. I talked my self out of them when they were full price. My Big Lots ran out of them before Christmas, so there was no picking them up on clearance. Drats!

  9. I love it! I need to get to Big Lots! Hope your recovery is going well.

  10. Just stunning...I love it. Love your beautiful curtains, too...well, I just love your entire house to pieces!
    Like Gloria says, EAT TRUFFLES and your foot will feel better in no time!! :)

  11. Heh, Kathy, this is a sort of dress rehearsal for next year. Wonderful idea to pair these like that. I love the glimpses of your house we have now and then...I must be a voyeur. No, make that a voyeuse!

    How's the foot?

  12. That is too precious. Such a great idea and wonderful execution.

  13. A perfect marriage ~~ I agree!
    Love the silouette in the window.....

    The lace edge on your window sheer is beautiful!
    I am thinking about taking down my christmas decor too....thinking is as far as I am getting though! :-)

    Wishing you good news
    Hugz, Dolly

  14. Kathy, that is so cute, I have a difficult time when I am shopping like that...seeing the possibility in things...
    I don't even know where to get any bottle brush wreaths?????
    Anyway, good job, like the other gals, I love the whole thing, everylittlething...
    blessings, glenda

  15. Looks adorable. I understand your problem. I got a whole set of Chritmas Spode at an after Christmas sale and haven't gotten to use them. But tomorrow it starts! I must start dismanteling the decorations.

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Very pretty Kathy! We do love those "after" sales!! Of course you could do a January tree as I saw one blogger do with just different winter things. I like for my snowmen to stay around for a few weeks, just to help wish for some snow!
    Have a great weekend! I know I will, I turn another year older!
    Take Care!

  17. I have those bottle brush wreaths - I love them. Oh, I used to spend lots of time in Gaylord. I know it is much bigger than it used to be when I was a kid. Have fun!


  18. Wish I had found those wreaths-I love them.I almost stopped in at a nearby Big Lots this past week-darn.

  19. It can be Christmas just as long as you want it to be! Besides, I prefer to call it "Winter decor"...that way, you can keep it all up until Spring. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Kathy, I have just stumbled across your blog - I just love it!! I have just woken up and found myself in this wonderful land of blog!!
    I'll be back,

  21. Hi Kathy thank you so much for visiting my blog & leaving a comment for me..... first off I hope your foot is on the mend (I have to admit I tend to miss the last step whenever Im on a ladder) love your newly painted wall it looks great. I love looking at other peoples chrissie decorations es pecially the ones available in your country, they remind me of the decorations my parents had when I was young, sadly cannot get anything like that in Aus. I put our chrissie stuff away very early this year as it wasn't a very happy one in my home but after looking at your photos I can see why you want to keep it up.....

    Wishing you a great weekend...

    Lyn xxx


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