Monday, January 4, 2010

C...for Cracker...Gotta have a label! "Cracker"...short for Gramcracker)...

A totally fun project...

Happy Birthday NOELLE....10 already!!!!
LOVE Papa and Cracker....


  1. I would wear that dress:) It's just so cute!! How pretty with the roses ribbon and C..the fabric..the buttons and gathering..You sew exquisitely Kathy..really.

    Happy Birthday to your Princess~

  2. Oh I am soooooo excited. Kathy, Cadillac is almost like a second home to me. My aunt and uncle have a home (now) in Lake City. It was a cottage while I was growing up. I was just up there a year ago. My uncle has passed and my aunt is elderly. Oh, I wish I had known you then. I am going to add you to my favorites.
    I tell you, I remember shopping at the old Penneys there on the main drag. It was so much I know it is all built up...but I love it there so much....
    Talk to you again soon and hope your leg heals fast!!!

  3. You are so very talented Kathy! The jumper is adorable! Perfect for that 10 year old. It had to be sooooo much fun to sew! Hope you are staying warm up North! It's frightful here, 20 below again this A.M. Cathy G

  4. Oh my, can you make me one too? What an adorable dress, love it! ... Dee Dee

  5. Kathy, Ceekay again... it was Arnold and Barb Pedde. Also may I ask that you visit my regular blog - thinkinofhome.blogspot, if you leave a comment. The one you went to is my cancer blog and I don't check that one every day....besides, thinkinofhome is more least I think so!!

  6. Your granddaughter is going to be one happy camper! That is such a cute dress, and I'm sure she will adore it. Have you been able to teach her any basic sewing? Being as my dad was in the military we traveled a lot, but my grandmother would often send little things that would peak my interst to learn. One year she sent a tin full of all sorts of goodies, and a little booklet that showed different stitches that I'm sure she got out of a magazine. I still have it too. Even at 92 years young she still does some sewing!
    Hope you are doing a little bit better today!
    Take Care!

  7. What a darling dress! Glad to see you found a way to keep busy with that poor damaged ankle. I tried to leave a comment on the post that you left yesterday and couldn't do it. I hope you are relaxing so you heal well! I know how hard it is to sit still, it drives me crazy too!

  8. Well Hello,,,,it is so nice to meet a new friend! Talk about a beautiful blog....I love yours. I love the large pictures and your music is wonderful..


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