Monday, March 29, 2010

Circles...A bird and Polka Dots....
A good recipe for another yummy purse...

I loved the color combo.....

Walking through the Home Depot and spotted these rings....Hummmm...
I could use those for a variation on the straps....

Kind of kicks it up a notch...from the origional pattern...

What do you think?....

Surgery went well...feeling great.
Going to spend a little time at a B&B...with my love,
back Thursday.....
Will bring the camera...Saugatuck is a great "Artsie" community... sure to find some great Shutter Material there!
Stay happy while I'm gone...xoxo~Kathy.


  1. Have a ball:) You deserve the B&B♥

    What do I think of the birds and the hooks and the purse?

    You are sooo good at these!

  2. Kathy....Your purse is so cute! You should make them and sell them! I love the combination of your different materials!~Patti

  3. I love your purse. Wish I had your talent. I live 8 miles from Saugatuck. Hope you have a wonderful getaway. Happy Easter. (am still praying for all of you)

  4. I love the new purse, and since you make them yourself, why limit how many you can have? Have fun in Saugatuck! It's full of fun things to see:>) (Glad your surgery went well!)

  5. Hi Kathy. I love the purse! So you made it yourself? Girl, you are talented! I love it! I hope you have a restful evening. Glad surgery went well. (HUGS)

  6. Oh Kathy! about the south beach diet - you're not very encouraging! LOL! yes, it is probably stress. Take some deep breaths and it will be better tomorrow. Yes, I promise! :)

  7. Well, if you feel that you might want to part with that purse, you could always call me.... I love it!!! Gorgeous fabrics and colors- so subtle. Glad you came through your procedure with no issues. :-) Enjoy some time with your honey. xo Sue

  8. These are adorable!! Glad surgery went well, and yes, I am trying to paint the world white! -shaunna :)

  9. Kathy your new purse is just lovely. I am crazy over that beautiful forsythia wreath on your door.

  10. Beautiful purse, nice soft colors.

  11. Kathy, your purse is so cute! Love the colours! Enjoy your little stay at the B&B. Happy Easter!


  12. Love your new spring purse - wonderful colors! I also love the spring wreath with the birds nest. I LOVE your great pictures!

    Take care of yourself -

  13. Another really cute purse! Do you sell these?
    I am glad to hear that surgery went well.
    Have fun at the B&B and get some R&R.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  14. Hi Kathy,
    That wreath is is the cute..and no one has one like it. No one! :) I love it.
    Have fun and enjoy. Take lots of pictures...

  15. Happy time with your husband Cathy..............enjoy !!

    I'am glad everything goes well !!

    Hugs from me.......

  16. Hope you're having a great time in the B&B! Your bags are so lovely, great color combination. Making me dream of Summer... or even... of a little bit of sunshine! It has been cloudy all week. Have a happy Easter! xo

  17. Love your purse and how it coordinates with the birdie pictures on the wall :-).
    Glad to know your surgery went well. Enjoy your getaway. I've been to Saugatuck once and loved it. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  18. I am loving these purses!!

    Enjoy your time at the B&B Kathy...sounds wonderful.

    Good to hear all went well with your surgery.

  19. Hi there, thank you so very much for popping In to check on me and my DH. I appreciate your kindness. I'm back among the blog community so I hope to pop In more often. Take care and Happy Easter..Kathi

  20. Hi Kathy,
    Enjoy your get-a-way!rest will do you both good.
    When you get back send me your address! you won the "comforting shawl"from "Home is Where the Heart is"!. I left you an email also.
    Big hugs,

  21. Kicked it up quite a few notches! Love the pincushion too! Be well, blog buddy!

  22. I love your new bird pincushion. Your purse is fabulous. I can totally relate to fabric calling to you. Happy creating...

  23. Love the purse too..., and it make for a great "wall art" piece too.

    Wishing you all the best!

  24. I ditto everything everyone else said.
    First- have a speedy, blessed recovery.
    Secondly, when are you going to start selling your bags???


  25. From the wreath to the beautiful bag! Loved my visit here today. Glad the surgery went well and enjoy your B and B time with your love.

  26. I adore your polkadot purse, I want to make one and just haven't yet. The rings were found at HD? Hmm...maybe I should check them out. <3 Cindy s

  27. Hi Kathy,
    Glad to hear your surgery went well, and you are doing fine. Love your new purse, so cute, and I too love the color combo. Also your birdie pin cushion is so cute. Hope you and Dave have a great time at the B & B!
    And Happy Easter to you and yours,
    Blessings, Nellie

  28. Hi Kathy,
    Enjoy your time away.
    Love the purse, love that wreath on your door. You are one creative lady.

  29. Kathy ~ So grateful surgery went well .. hope recovery is quick.

    How is your DH doing? Think of him so often.

    Love that bag creation ... it is adorable! Now that I would even use.

    Happy blessed Easter!
    Hugs, Marydon

  30. Good Morning Kathy,
    My! how talented you are your purses and decorating ideas are simply beautiful. I am always amazed at how gifted some are with their hands.
    I hope you are feeling well, and that you will have the most blessed Resurrection Sunday.


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