Monday, March 8, 2010

THOSE CRAZY CRAWFORDS...Someone needs to tell them there's snow on the ground...

See the sun...See the snow?...See the Christmas deer still in the yard...
See the crazy Crawfords in their barefeet?...

See the first picnic of 2010...

All the Grands had their soxs off on the porch....even daughter beth showed her "Designer toes"....

Snow on the ground...
but very warm on the porch...
Our neighbors think we're NUTS!

See the sun go down on our first picnic...
45 degrees....
but on the porch, at least 70...
Food= nothing to write home about...
Sunshine= fabulous!!!!


  1. And a lovely picnic indeed.

    Our snow is gone, but I was on the deck, in my bare feet, this morning, to get a photo of the sunrise. I think it might have been about 40 degrees. We are enjoying the wonderful weather!:-)

  2. What a special moment.........enjoy........with your it was also snow this morning...........spring where you are??

    Hugs Ria

  3. ha ha....cute! Isn't it fabulous to have the sun shining again! Hurry up Spring!! :D

  4. Hi Kathy... looks like snowww much fun, my friend! Imagine that...a picnic with snow on the ground! I love it!!! Hehe! Okay...your daughter Beth's designer toes are just too cute!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. The sun does crazy things to us this time of year, doesn't it? Love the pedicure. xo, Rosemary

  6. Hi Kathy,
    I'm glad the sun has made it to your neighborhood and that your deck is nice and warm.
    Love your daughter's toes. Too cute.


  7. I'm going to get my toes done on Friday. I always get French...but now I know what I'm asking for. I think I'll go black with pink polka dots...yeah
    Thanks Kathy, very cool picnic.
    Who cares what the neighbours think!!!
    I'm trying to pack. I'm out of here in 5 more sleeps.
    Love You
    Love Claudie

  8. Looks like all of you had fun soaking up that winter sun. We had it, too. Makes you want to wash your car or something!!

    Love that pedi! ;-)


  9. What a lovely post! Amazing how warm the sun can feel on a cold day!

  10. Just like here!But no great toes like those!!

    How'd she do thoes?(That's those and toes together:))

    I bet you ironed them on:)

    Oh... the little ones are your grandest decorations~:)♥

  11. Cool idea! love those polka dot toes.

  12. Well sure looks like you had a fun day. I don't blame you for taking off your socks and enjoying the sun.

  13. I would do that too! Anything above 50 is good for bare feet on the deck!
    Love those polka dot toes...

  14. What a fun post! Beautiful pictures too, and those toes are just great! I'm a snow lover...the more the better! You have a wonderful blog!!! Thanks so much for your visit. Good luck on my giveaway! xo Paulette

  15. There's nothing better than spending time with family! Gorgeous photos my friend!

    Hope you and hubby are doing well, been thinking of you!


  16. Hi Kathy,
    What a neat idea - a winter picnic. We had a nice day here too. It reached into the low 60s! Sunny and lovely and we just have a little snow still on the ground. Hubby took me out to lunch at "Max and Ermma's" and then to a yarn shop. He spoils me and I love it. I wanted to tell you I finished the EASTER Bunny Pins for you and your granddaughters. I posted about the pins today. You can try to email your address to me or you can post it on my blog (all comments are moderated on my blog so I can delete it for privacy). I look forward to hearing from you.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  17. LOVE the polka dot toes... FUN!!!

  18. LOL! LOve those toes! Glad you got out in the sunshine for a while!

  19. Ahh, blessed sunshine...makes all things better! Especially when shared with family. Love the toes!

  20. Those ARE some HOT toes! Hahah - NOPE - not iron-ons...although...don't put it past my mom to be able to do that! Just some black polish, an eraser top from a pencil and some white polish and WWWAALLLAAAAHHHHH - POLKA DOTS (they make both my mom and I smile!) Love yA mOM!

  21. The winter picnic is such a fun idea.


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